New Teen Titans?

I am writing this with Rathina_Aurealis. For my chapters there will not be romance with me. Though Rathina_Aurealis says she might have a relationship with her character and a titan boy.

Chapter 1

Raven POV

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

"Hello, friend Raven? Are you in there?" Starfire says.

I sigh and say in my usual monotone voice, "Yes, Starfire, I am in my room."

"Friend Robin says that there is the meeting of the group in the living room, now." she says.

I get up and float to the door and open it.

"Let's get this over with." I sigh.

I walk to the living room with a frown on my face. The doors slide open and I see two girls. One is tall, long straight blonde hair, green eyes, and tan skin. The other is short, short black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. I look at the two girls full of suspicion. Soon enough though I turn my attention to Robin.

"I found these girls fighting Mumbo." Robin states, waiting for everyone's reaction.

"Wait, dude does that mean they have powers? But they look normal." Beast Boy exclaims.

“We are right here, you know.” The tall one says, annoyed.

The short one gives the tall one a look and she closes her mouth.

“Yes, they do have powers.” Robin says.

I turn my attention to the new comers again. The tall one is wearing a pink shirt that and blue jeans. The short one is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. I wonder what powers they have and why exactly Robin brought them here. Doesn't he realize how badly this could backfire on us?

“Well, what powers do they have?” Cyborg asks.

“I think they should tell you.” Robin says, turning to the two girls.

The tall one speaks first, “My power is to use plants to my…advantage.”

She smiles, seemingly the more out-going one.

The other one takes a deep breath and explains, “I can teleport wherever I want to go and can control lightning.”

“Yeah, right! There is no way you can control lightning dude.” Beast Boy says.

She glares at him and points her finger at him. A small lightning bolt comes out and hits Beast Boy. He is knocked across the room and lands against a wall.

“I stand corrected.” He mumbles.

She seems to hold back a laugh.

“What are your names?” I say, glaring at each of them.

“My name is Zara, this is my sister Rathina. We usually go by the name of The Aurealis Sisters.” The tall one says.

The short one, or Rathina, looks at me suspiciously. The same way I am looking at her, in fact.

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