Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

guys, this is a true story.....this kinda happened to me and some of it will be yea
Shiro: Brown hair, soft brown eyes
Kizuki: Orange, redish hair, orange eyes (UGH JUST LOOK AT THE PIC PLZZZ)

as u can see this is not how the REAL characters REALLY look sooo yea)
all of the story will be narrated by kizuki

Chapter 1

The Guitar and the Boy

by: Gitu
I went out of school as quickly as i can with my guitar case and my book bag. I didn't want anyone to see me.... As i rushed outside, no one tried to stop usual. I sighed. I walked as far away from the school as possible and as far away from my house as possible, so mostly i'm just in the middle of my house and my school. I found a big enough tree to give me a good enough shade and i sat down. I opened my guitar case and I brought out my guitar. I got comfortable and started singing and playing "Come Back....Be Here" by Taylor Swift.

While, I was in the middle of the song, i heard a voice. It was a boy's voice saying "So she can sing,too" I looked around and I yelled, "Who's there!?" A boy came out from behind the tree i was leaning on. He was wearing headphones on his shoulder. He's from my class, I thought. "SHIRO!?" Shiro was the name of the boy. He barely talked to me during class and i barely looked at him.

"How long have you been there???!!!" I yelled. I have stage fright and even thought i love to sing and play guitar, i never want anyone to find out or to hear me. "Long enough...." Shiro said. He smiled. As i stared in his eyes, I noticed his sweet, soft, chocolate brown eyes. I quickly shook that thought away. "Wait, so you heard EVERYTHING!!??" "Well yea...and i even recorded it, too" he said. I was to tired to think. Did i just hear him say that he- oh no...

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