Naruto Discussion: Kiba Inuzuka

Naruto Discussion: Kiba Inuzuka

Hello folks! Today we'll talking about Konoha's canine champ and a little bit about Team 8 overall.

Chapter 1

Kiba and Akamaru should win more.

It's often easy to think that Kiba is just another ordinary Leaf genin/chunin along with Choji, Tenten, Ino, and whoever else lost in the Chunin Exams. However, being a dog person myself I always wished for best of Kiba and Akamaru. And I first saw Akamaru, I knew right away that Kiba's all about canine powers but I was also a little worried that Kiba and Akamaru may lose in a fight or two. Why? Because not only does Masashi select only one member (the genius) of each cell (besides Team 7 and Sand Siblings) to win, but because for whatever dickish reason, many fictional stories like to make a dog seem somewhat of a loser and that really pisses me off! What's keeping them, including Masashi, from making the dog team more victorious?
I sure hope they're not thinking: "Uh, well you know, dogs are supposed to be cute and all, sometimes a little dumb, I don't want people to think they're violent and all so yeah, just let them lose or something..." because that's the impression that I got since I was a sixth grader! And if that impression is indeed true, words can't express a certain outrage inside me, because like I said before, I am very much a dog person! I love dogs to the point where I want to see them kick ass all the time in any work of fiction, or at least not lose in anything! (In fact, that's one of the few things I like about Zappa in Guilty Gear.)

Remember the "Spoiled Brats" discussion I had previously? We are going to talk about how Kiba is probably the opposite of those "Spoiled Brats" and maybe compare/contrast some of them to Kiba.
Kiba first lost to Naruto in the Chunin Exams. Not only was it an annoying excuse to let the dog team lose, but also pure beginner's luck for Naruto (spoiled brat!) Yeah, we all know Naruto had to win, and it was the best Masashi could do for Kiba's loss--let the dog team lose to Naruto, the best guy in the world, right? Then we won't have to feel too bad about Kiba and Akamaru's loss and--Akamaru got knocked unconscious goddammit! Talk about animal cruelty!
And this pattern happens again in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, where Kiba falls again! Kiba and Akamaru face off against Sakon and Ukon. Now I was really anxious to see Kiba and Akamaru win, but... sigh
You see, I hated Sakon and Ukon, not only because their green lipstick scared me for the first time, but well, like the rest of the Sound Four, they're a bunch of assholes. And the creepy green-lipped duo was my least favorite and the ones I wanted dead the most. So, after seeing Choji kill Jirobo and Neji kill Kidomaru, I was anticipating Kiba and Akamaru (the dog team, yay!) to kill the freaky green lip brothers, Sakon and Ukon! And it was so cool to see the Two-headed wolf attack, which you'd expect to take out an army of strong opponents. Unfortunately, the dog team loses yet again. Even worse, they lost to ones I hated most. "Oh but hey, they did well, though, at least they cut Ukon so many times and pissed at Sakon eyes!" So what? Akamaru, the dog himself, got knocked out again! That's animal cruelty times two now! I mean, granted Sakon and Ukon were described by Kabuto as the strongest and fastest of the Sound Four, but that could have been a huge win for Kiba and Akamaru, a huge redemption for their loss at the Chunin Exams!
But, as we all know, it was an excuse to get the Sand Siblings to ally once again with the Leaf, because who wouldn't want to see the all powerful Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari kick the Sound's ass?
However, first, before getting saved by the Sand, Shikamaru was still in good shape before Tayuya could stab him. Kiba, could barely move and would have been killed too had Kankuro not saved him. (You remember what I said in my previous discussion about Shikamaru being a spoiled brat, especially compared to Kiba and Team 8, right?)

Now in Shippuden, Kiba and Akamaru do get a bit better. I have seen one filler scene were Kiba and Akamaru take out a few Sound ninja. But we can talk about a few fillers later. First, I'd like to note about how each team in Naruto has faced an Akatsuki member/pair before:

Team 7 vs Itachi
Team Guy vs Kisame
Team 10 vs Hidan and Kakuzu
Team 8 vs Tobi and I guess, Zetsu?
Sand Siblings vs Deidara and Sasori (albeit for a short time)
All of Konoha vs Pain and Konan

But we'll be talking about Team 8 of course. Now, Team 8, one of the more "forgotten" teams in my opinion faces some strong opponents (Sakon & Ukon - the strongest and fastest of Sound 4 and Tobi, the leader of Akatsuki) head on. While they could have won something huge, they either miss or lose. Granted Tobi's the main antagonist, it would take everyone to stop him. While that is expected, he would have made a very good Akatsuki "rival" for Team 8, just as Hidan and Kakuzu were for Team 10 (like how come Team 10 has an Akatsuki "rival" and not Team 8?)
And now, let's talk about Kurenai, the Team 8 sensei. I find that Team 8 has the least interaction with their sensei. In fact, the interaction was little enough in the Chunin exam arc. But now, Kurenai is pregnant, and who goes to see her everyday since she is widowed? I don't see anyone from Team 8; only Shikamaru. Shikamaru says that he wants to be the master of Kurenai's child. But why not Kiba? Why not Shino, who is just as smart but not as lazy as Shikamaru? And even further, why not Hinata, whom Kurenai cared most about among her team? Even if they don't become mentors of Kurenai's child, they could at least see her often! Where were they? Kurenai isn't Shikamaru's sensei; she's Team 8's! What is the story coming to in regards to Team 8?

And now, let us talk about some fillers.
There's a Shippuden filler called "Kiba's Determination" ( where Kiba shows an even greater desire to surpass Naruto since the Pain incident (see, even Kiba thinks Naruto's a "spoiled brat" character, lol!) Kiba asks Kakashi to train him, but Kakashi just leaves him to train with Pakkun and the pack of hounds. And boy, did the hounds humiliate him! In the end, Kiba and Akamaru had to use that 2-headed wolf technique just to get the scroll off Pakkun's back! It's pathetic! Kiba and Akamaru need a lot of character up-playing (if that's a term).

Second, in the filler, "White Zetsu's Trap," boy did Shino make Kiba look like a dumbass. The white Zetsu were everywhere in the cave and one of them managed to transform into Hinata. Team 8 then had to figure out which of the three was a fake. Shino had it all planned out, but it involved taking advantage of Kiba's density. For details, you can watch the episode here:

Lastly, we have the filler arc where the Sound Four have been reanimated. In the first episode of the arc "Ghosts of the Past" (, Kiba manages to defeat Sakon and Ukon this time, the perfect redemption for the first time. But before he could settle the score, the green-lipped jackasses send Kiba and Akamaru's souls to an Underworld prison dimension (just as the other Sound 4 members do to their opponents). The Sound 4 get the upper hand again, and eventually Naruto has to save the day. In other words, Kiba and Akamaru had to lose/get help again.

Yeah I think I said enough. I like playing as Kiba in Naruto Clash of Ninja: Revolution 2, though. There I could I have Akamaru cling onto the enemy and then BAM! Knock the enemy out with Fang over Fang! Sigh Good times, wish I could see Kiba win in the anime/manga.


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