The True You

Mykenna, a 15 year old teen, living a lie. Her parents, Monica and George, aren't her real parents. The secret, told on her 16th birthday.

(group story with Lily_the_Turtle and tyer_thecreator)

Chapter 1


"yawn!" I stretch and sit up in my bed, the day before my sweet sixteen birthday. I stand up, slip on my slippers and robe, and walk down the cold stairs into the dining room. It is a cold February morning, in an old, oak cabin in a little town on the outskirts of a big city.
Mother was sitting at the dining room table, reading the daily news paper. On the back side of the paper, I see a man, that looks my fathers age, and I read the title.
"' Daughter stolen 16 years ago, never found and case closed ?" I said aloud. "What is that supposed to mean?"
Mother looked up at me. "What, Mykenna?" she asked, an innocent look on her face.
"Its on the back of the news paper. Can I read it? Looks interesting."
" NO !!!!" Mother snapped.
"Why?" I was puzzled.
"You..... your too young to read stuff like that." Mother looked up at my, strait in the eyes.
"You've been saying that since I was 11! Make up your mind that I could FINALLY be a grown up!" I storm over to the refrigerator and grab a few eggs, a pan from the cupboard and start frying eggs.
"Mykkenna I---" Mother began.
"I just want some freedom! Tomorrow I turn 16! Let me at least have some freedom before then!" I took the eggs off the stove, put them on a plate and started up the stairs.
"Mykenna! Try and be realistic for once!" Mother chased after me.
"And what is your definition of 'Realistic'?" I said, slamming my door in Mother's face. I put my eggs on my desk drawer and landed face-first on my bed, tears forming around the edges of my eyes. I then heard my younger brother come out of his room, asking Mother what happened.
Then I look at the clock . 6:28. That gives me 1 hour to shower, get dressed, put my backpack together with my books and stuff, and to find my shoes. I think my dog stole them.........
"Mykenna." It was Mother again. "Please don't run away. Lets talk."
"You always say that! You need to learn how to treat a daughter! Now, I will take a shower. Please do not disturb me." I say, intending for my little brother, always barging in on me when I have no clothes on.
"Okay, then." Mother says, in her fake sweet voice. "Have a nice shower!"
I hear her footsteps going farther away from my bedroom door, walking down the stairs, then it was so muffled I could barely hear her footsteps any more.
Then, when I think its safe, I start to take off my robe I put on this morning, slipping off my slippers, and pulling my pajama bottoms off my legs. Once I took my shirt off, trying to get tangles out of my hair, my bedroom door flung open, and there was a bright flash.
He just took a picture of me! Once my eyes adjusted to the flash, I saw my little brother, standing there, with a camera to his face. I was wearing no clothes and he took a picture of me! I just stood there for a second, trying to put it all together, then I pulled on my robe and ran towards him.
Just before I grabbed hold of him, he scooted out of the way, making me fly into the wall across the room from my door, making my robe fly up, revealing my whole backside. The worst part was, my older brother was standing in the hall, when that happened.
"Whoa!" my older brother, John, exclaimed. "That's a big but!"
I stood up as fast as I could, pulled down my robe, and went back into my room.
"Nice!" John said after I closed my door, "I don't need to look it up, now!"
I was so grossed out! I grabbed my hair brush, and went into the bathroom that is also part of my bedroom. I turned on the water, and stepped into the warmth of the rushing water.
What a stressful morning! I say to myself, It is actually like most days, so I should already be used to it..


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