Time to BRAG!!!

Chapter 1


So I'm not much of a braggart, but I gotta brag about this people, I gotta!!

So I have like the most talented family ever!!!! My dad can sing, my mom can sing, Cora can sing like really, really, really, REALLY good, Elijah can sing, and play the piano like a pro, (YOU SHOULD HEAR THE SONGS HE WROTE, AMAZING!!!) Mariah can sing, Charlotte can sing, and even little Roderick can too!!! You should hear our newest album, boy is me proud!!
Also Elijah is AMAZING at filming, editing, and directing films!! He even had his own educational show called We Want to Know that played on public television when he was only 12, 12 people!!!!! And he got a book published, because he's such an AMAZING author!! His books are so superb, and he even writes HORROR!!!! He also is a manager at a grocery store, and literally, every job he gets, he'll be promoted to a higher position within weeks!! He also does voice over jobs on fiver, and makes a LOT of extra money! He's really famous on there, and he even did commercials for Chevy, Chevy people!!
Cora, well, she also can make jewelry like a pro, like stuff that would cost millions if it were being sold!! She also takes care of 3 pretty bratty kids every day, and is wonderful with them!! She's going to make a great mom!!
Mariah writes wonderfully, even if she doesn't admit it!!! And she's an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL TALENTED ARTIST!!! She can draw things really well, especially cartoon characters, like you should see her little Adventure Time drawings, oh so cute... :3 She also is awesome at arts and crafts, and she comes up with all these cool projects that are totally excellent!!
Charlotte sings really well for her age, she can do harmony, hit the high notes, and all that stuff!!!!
Then Roderick... Roderick learned how to talk before he was even 1!!! He was potty trained at 1 as well! He has an amazing vocabulary, and sometimes surprises us even with the crazy things he comes up with at 5. ;)
Then my mom... She is wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL at photography! (Just look in my photo album) She takes the most beautiful splendid amazing pictures ever, and has THE best model over, moi!! Lol, jk. But also, she plays the autoharp amazingly, and knits the cutest little amigurumis you ever did see!!!
Then my dad, who can play guitar wonderfully!! Plus he's also an officer, so he's just BOSS like dat!!! He also has this really cool motorcycle, and gives me rides, so it's like we're cruising along together being cool catssss!!

I also'd like to brag about my friendsssssss!!! You guys are THE best, and just like so incredibly amazing that I can't even put it into words!!! And how proud I feel, to be called your friend, wow... it's amazing. :) And you each are so unique, and so special, and.... ugh, you're making me wanna die here just thinking about it, I mean, I'm getting an amazingness overload!!
Delilah: Best girl EVER! (Literally...)
Wil: Totally sweet and caring.
Cam: Funny, and awesome!!
Jayden: Beautiful, kind, WONDERFUL!!
Emily: Wonderfully cool and awesome.
Hunter: Sweet, and fun to talk to.
Amber: Wonderful, kind, sweet, awesome, lovely, and perfect as it gets.
Taylor: The sister I never had!!
Rachael: Wonderful girl, pretty, and a great friend.
Nikki: Very very pretty, very great singing voice, and wonderful kind girl.
Essy: Beautiful, sweet, and kind.

I also have many more friends I did not mention, but all you guys are amazing!! You're defiantly worth bragging about!!!!!


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