If Love Was a Crime ~ an NCIS and CSI story

When two 16 year old agents in training, one from CSI, and one from NCIS, must join together to solve a case that will change their lives, it only makes you wonder: what will happen to them?

Written by animegirl3 and Niallersprincess937

Chapter 1


Name: Katharine Mallard
Job: NCIS-junior field agent in training
Appearance: wears shorts, jeans, tshirts, jackets, HATES dresses and skirts, has long light brown hair and emerald green eyes
Personality: sweet, quick witted, a bit disorganized, fun to be around
Age: 16
Other: is Ducky's granddaughter

Name: Rachel Delco
Job: CSI-junior field agent in training
Appearance: normally shorts skirts and jeans and with tops
Personality: smiles a lot fun funny sometimes weird and always on time and responsible
Age: 16
Other: is related to Erik Delco

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