Best Friends Ever!

Special thanks to special friends!

Chapter 1

Thank you!

Faith, the loyal and great Ravenclaw. She is the nicest friend ever, always so sweet, and is an amazing amazing writer. Although she's in lots of group stories, she always does her chapter on time, and makes it awesome.

I don't talk to her a lot, but she is so creative, and amazing friend, and also a very talented writer. She is the one who first persuaded me to read the Hunger Games, and after I did, it became one of my favorite books.

She is another one of my amazing friends. (I'm using that word a lot XD) While she probably won't see this anytime soon, because she's on vacation, I want to thank her for being so nice and a great friend.

If I missed you, I'm really sorry :(. I I want you all to know that you are all awesome, and I love having you as friends


P.S. If you're not already friends with these girls than please friend them! :D


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