Another Rant

This is seriously bugging me

Chapter 1

Read This!

Am I seriously the only one that is annoyed when people say that they will be deleting their account and then don't. Here is a random example I came up with:

Person: I am deleting!

A bunch of people that have nothing better to do: Nooo please don't go, we all will miss you, we don't want you to go, why are you leaving, you are amazing! etc

Person: I changed my mind because of all you wonderful people!

See what I am talking about! I understand if you are actually deleting and you want to tell people, but to pretend to delete just to get attention is just plain annoying! But not only the Person who is saying that they will be deleting, but all the other people that have nothing better to do and fall for this trick every time! Don't be either of these people, or I will virtually punch you.

There are also people who say that they are going to delete and do delete, then like 5 seconds later come back! Example:

Person: I am deleting

More people that have nothing better to do and fall for it every time: Noo, please don't, don't delete, oh no the yare gone, it's too late they are gone.

Person reactivates 5 seconds later: I'm back!

People that still fall for this garbage: Yay! You scared us, don't leave again etc.

Yes this is just as bad, because some of you people are pretty cool and scaring people like that isn't on. Please when you are deleting tell us so we can say goodbye, but then don't reactivate 5 seconds later. Because after a while it just gets irritating!

No I am not ranting about certain people, just people that do this in general. Please don't, it is beyond annoying at this point.

Sorry for offending anybody!


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