Repost thingy

Chapter 1

Yeah so...

1: About yourself

Name: Bradley
Nicknames: Brad?
Gender: idk. Ha jk male
Age: 16, or..87 like what my profile says
Location: why you wanna know? --
Grade: 10th
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: like 120 lbs? Who knows..
Blood Type: -O
Birthday: September 13
Zodiac Sign: my what!
Hair Color: brownish blondish
Eye Color: blue
Personality: awesome! ;)

2: Favorites

Favorite Day: Friday ^.^
Favorite Number: 69 :D
Favorite Word: TAcos
Favorite Food: FOOD!!!
Favorite Drink: coffee
Favorite Book: to many to name
Favorite movie: Batman
Favorite Type of Music: Rock
Favorite TV Show: Law and order
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Things to do: Play football, cook, act, video games and what not

3: Family
Who do you live with?: My mom, dad, stepdad, brothers
Do you like your family?: Depends
If you have siblings, do you love them or hate them?: Love/hate relationship XD
Do you have pets?: dog
What kind and what are their names?: whose names?

4: Friends and Enemies

How many friends do you have?: A few close ones, and a lot of.. Other people haha
Who is your best friend?: my shadow. Jkjk Adam
Anyone you hate?: People who agitate me
What do you do with your friends?: Talk, laugh, hang out, watch movies,football, video games
What do you do with your enemies?: Try my best to not have anything to do with them, but I do make fun of them...
Do you make friends often?: Well, like I said, I have a lot of acquaintances, but select special people are my close friends.

5: Love and Relationships

Do you have a crush?: Of course I do!
Available?: Yup ;) haha
Kissed before?: twice
Made out before?: ....... No just pecks
Anything else?: You're the one who's asking the questions.
Do you love your boyfriend/girlfriend?: don't have one
Would you marry your boyfriend/girlfriend?: same as above
Would you go "all the way" with your boyfriend/girlfriend?: same as above!!! -
Are you happy with your boyfriend/girlfriend?: I DON'T FRECKING HAVE ONE!!!
Are you happy single?: Yeah, idk
Do you have a dream boyfriend/girlfriend?: I done with you -_-
Do you want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: It would be nice.

5: School

Favorite class/subject?: Reading/English
Least favorite?: math D:
Prep,Goth, Nerd, etc?: I don't believe in stereotypes
Do you like school? Why or why not?: I like talking with my friends.. but I don't like to wake up too early..
Favorite thing about school?: Lockers, orchestra, friends
Least favorite?: Sitting in class while my teacher drones on and on about stuff I will never use

6: Other

Anything you would like people to know?
- I like to eat food! :D
- I like music
- I'm pretty easy to talk to or so people say...
- ill accept any friend request as long as your not a creepy person
- idk what else to say
- any questions?


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