It was all...Green

It was all...Green

Strange, she thought. There are no vehicles or big, fancy buildings. Why do all my thought processes start out as mysteries? Even that was a mystery. Oh well. There's a path. I'll just follow it until I find some people.

She looked up. What's that? Again, mystery. It looks... kind of like a city... sort of... not really. Maybe there's someone there anyway. And she went to look for help.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Furenzu

by: EmmiSan
"One coming!" the lookout shouted. "1 mile's distance!"
Chila came up the magnetic raised steps to the watching flat. After judging the stranger for a few seconds, she told the lookout to lower the barrier. He sounded the signal and the barrier went down. Chila and two other senior helpers followed her to greet the new comer.
"Welcome!" Chila called out. "Who might you be?"
The girl replied, "I am Cassandra, and I do not know where I am. May I come closer, so that we do not have to yell?"
Chila smiled. She liked this girl. "By all means, come closer into our city!" she said.
When Cassandra was in the city's walls, the people of the city came closer to get a better look at her. "Do not crowd, you will make her uncomfortable!" Chila scolded.
They shuffled away, ashamed.
"It's okay," Cassandra said. "I am a stranger, they have a right to be curious."
Chila smiled again. "I do like your good nature, Cassandra," she said. "Most people would anger, but you do not."
"A positive attitude is good for the mind. However, if it is not too demanding, could you tell me where I am, and who you are?"
"Of course, I should have told you when you entered the city. You are in Midori Yutakana Machi, which means 'Green Planet' in Japanese. I am Chila, and I lead these people. And they are the Furenzu."
"Furenzu?" Cassandra said. "Why are they called Friends?"
Chila's face lit up. "You know Japanese?"
Cassandra made a depreciating gesture. "Hon'nosukoshi," (Just a little bit) she said. Chila's grin was so wide that it seemed her face would split.
"Why is this place called Green Planet?" Cassandra asked.
"Because everything on the planet is helpful to it. Nothing here pollutes the air or water. We have no landfills because all things are recycled or composted. We became eco-friendly living when we left Earth in 2189."
Cassandra was very puzzled. "But it's the year 2013. And if you stopped living on Earth," she said, "where do you live?"
"This planet used to be Mars," Chila said. "Our ancestors brought plant and animal life, and other necessities. We continue to live here to this day."
Cassandra began having a strange hypothesis. "So how do I get back to my home in 2013 on Earth?"
Chila looked at her seriously. "Cassandra, it is 2577. Anything that was on Earth has died off by now. And anything that does still exist on Earth, we believe it is evil."

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