Read: Important if you are in school or feel powerless.

Fvcking everything...

Chapter 1


Powerless. Your parents own you. Social media owns you. Education owns you.

Your parents raise you with their beliefs and their ideas. As a young child, you believe everything they say. They pass on their religion and way of living. You want to be just like them.

Then comes the rebellious age. Usually between 12 and 18, you question everything. "Is this the right thing to believe?" "But what if this is wrong?"

You find your true self and adopt your own ideas and beliefs. "No!" says everyone else. "This is correct; not what you say!" You don't know how your parents will react. Will you be gunned down or accepted?

Social media is the Internet, T.V. and wherever news is spread. Normally, social media is the "popular" opinion of the people. If you don't have the popular opinion, you won't be accepted.

You are given a stereotype that you are stuck with. Stereotypes shouldn't exist. They are just labels. You are not a can of soup! Your stereotype controls part of your life. Who you can be friends with and who you can't be with.

Education is the dangerous part. Forced upon you. That is where this video comes in :

Then watch what the video is suspected to be about:

Those two videos explain that kids are taught to think in a certain way. This ties with social media. To only be "creative" in a certain way. "Your way is wrong!"

You are not owned. This is the downfall of humanity. I'm not saying we have to band together to stop this. We can't. Because we have no power.

What we can do is not be brainwashed by social media. We can have our own beliefs. We can protect our future children from this. Be your own self and don't let anyone change that! Keep your beliefs and don't let them be changed or warped. Be rebellious. Question everything.

It doesn't matter who they are. Don't let them get into your mind.

~Blue. Out.


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