I need ideas.

So, yeah. I've slacked off quite a bit on my writing... just read.

Chapter 1

I don't feel like making an actual title.

So... For once, I've decided not to just sit around while I try to get over writer's block. I'm actually asking for ideas here.
There are rules, however.
Things I Will Not Write
1. Anything related to Twilight in any way, shape, or form.
2. Love stories. I will include romance as an extra layer to the plot or a sidestory.
3. Anime fanfictions, because I suck at them.
4. Fanfictions in general (Hetalia is an exception.)
5. Stories with cheesy endings.
6. Stories where none of the characters die.
7. Anything based off of a TV show.
8. Anything overused.
9. Any story in which the main character is 'perfect'.

What I Will Write
1. Originals. Self-explanatory.
2. Gore and horror.
3. Anything dark, twisted, unsettling, or disturbing.
4. A story where the main character ends up dying.
5. A story where the antagonist is victorious.
6. Anything with a lot of violence and tragedy.
7. A story where love is involved, but does not take over the entire plot.
8. Anything involving demons, monsters, or similar creatures.

Go ahead and message me explaining your idea.
I probably won't use it, since I'm extremely pick and lazy.


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