My Rant Book

This is a book full of rants here. Enjoy if you like ranting.

Chapter 1

Quibblo Drama

Yes I know, alot of people are ranting about this topic now.

But I'm not just talking about starving for attention or being rude;
This time I mean starting wars.

I'm pretty sure most of you guys--or almost every single one of you guys have heard about the religion war that was caused by EstherRoxie and her friend Delilah. I'm not writing this to offend them, I'm just proving the point.

Thankfully, the war has ended, hopefully. But before you speak, think.
I'm tired of people starting flame wars and fighting over which religion is best.
If you're a Christian, fine with me.
If you're an Atheist, let it be.
If you're Satanist/LaVeyan thats alright.
If you're Buddhist or even Hindu, don't fight.
Seriously, guys. I wish people didn't bring religion and politics into almost every single convo nowadays. Can't we all get along? It would be better if we did. :)

Now for the Quibblo drama, stop whining and posting things every 5 seconds. I understand if you're bored but I wonder why my inbox explodes with random titles such as: "iiimm b0red kk msg meh" or something like that. Learn some grammar, too.

You just ate an Oreo? Guess what? Nobody cares! Haha, this isn't Twitter.
And remember, this is what I say:
This is Quibblo
Not a church.
This is Quibblo
Not Twitter.
This is Quibblo
Not a place suitable for your drama.
This is Quibblo
Welcome to it.

If you have more ideas for rants, feel free to think of ideas to rant about in the comments below. I will keep more rants coming soon so its never too late.

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