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The Ice Age never happened. Dinosaurs still roam the earth and humans weren't as up-to-date as before. The Dinosaurs are a great threat, and most humans live underground. Those who live above ground are hunters and trackers, so they know at least the basics of dealing with the beasts. Something is coming, a darkness of sorts. This darkness threatens the small population of humans, and only the best of the above-ground-humans are able to fight it off.

Chapter 1

Titan Dyami

by: 68687
Around a century ago humans decided that the outside world was too dangerous. They found a giant cave system and the caves had hot springs and water sources. The humans went underground, to be safe from the Dinosaurs that still roamed the Earth.

They had everything under there; it was the ideal place for humans. It was said to be the Hunter and Tracker's job to bring back food for the underground humans, because while they did have food, the Humans didn't have much. That was in the beginning. But now, there are just a small handful of Hunters and Trackers, so the Underground Humans were able to find openings from the caves to go out and find some food. But most of the time they stayed in there.

The outside world mainly consisted tropical rain forests and bare grasslands. The safest place would be the rain forests because there were many trees and far more food than in the grasslands. The grasslands had very tall grasses, and giant beasts like the Sabre Tooth* lived there, so it was very dangerous.

The Undergrounds traded with the Hunters and Trackers, the Caves were like a giant city, where anyone of any race was accepted. I was born in the Caves, but not soon after my family went into the outside world.

The problem was that the Dinosaurs liked the rain forests. The grasslands hardly had food, so it was either starve or be chased by Dinosaurs.

My parents were killed when I was around eight by some really nasty Dinosaurs, and until I was twenty-two I was completely alone. I had picked up a companion once, but he was killed around a month after.

My friend’s names were the twins, Hawk and Len. We had to split up a month ago, when we were being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I have been trying to find them, but so far no luck. I don't know if they are dead or alive.

I was traveling alone now. I started training with a spear shortly before my parent’s death, and after I continued with training. I was now a master with my spear, and I could use staffs very well. I never liked using a bow and arrow, too much extra weight. My spear was taller than me, at around six feet. I regularly sharpened it.

My name is Titan Dyami and I will one day be the greatest Hunter ever.


My stomach growled. "Shut up will you? I ate last night!" I muttered to my stomach. After years of being alone you start talking to yourself.

I heard something. I turned around, spear in hand. No Dinosaur in sight.

What I did see, however, was a giant lug of a man. He was huge! But asleep. And he had... he had food. I put my spear back into its belt on my back and crouched down.

The guy had a bird, and it was dead. That was food for me. I'd have to rob it from him though. Eh, this guy could probably eat a Dinosaur and still be okay.

I was crouched low to the ground, and I quickly, but silently, moved towards him. The bird was in the palm of his giant hands. I plucked it from him, and slowly back away.

His eyes opened and the first thing he saw was me.

Oh Damn.

The man stood up, and he towered over me, and he was huge. He roared and chased after me, swinging his club wildly.

I sprinted, trying to keep the bird in my hands. The only things that came to mind were 'run, trees'. My instincts told me that he wasn't very good at climbing trees, so I quickly turned right into the shrubs.

There was a tall tree, and I scurried up it. He started to climb, but he struggled with it. He then grabbed the trunk of the tree. It was tall, but very skinny. He began to pull the damn tree down.

The tree bent, and snapped. I fell to the ground in front of him.

"Damn," I cursed, trying to regain my breath. The stupid wind had been knocked from me.

His giant hand gripped my neck and he held be above the ground.

"Gimmie my bird," he demanded. This guy had a really deep voice, and it sounded very childish the way he said it. I couldn't talk because he was blocking my windpipe. I held the bird with one hand, and the other tried prying his hand off me. So far, it was failing.

"GIMMIE MY BIRD!" He roared into my face. I dropped the bird and he dropped me to the ground. I started to run but he grabbed onto my foot. He held the bird close to him and grinned stupidly at it.

"Oh come on! I gave you your stupid bird!" I groaned. I didn't like being held upsidedown. Then again, who did?

"You stole from me, you pay," he said, grinning like an idiot. Idiot... This guy was an idiot, so perhaps I could trick him. He would most likely fall for it.

"Hey look! There's a Dinosaur behind you!" I pointed in a direction so he wouldn't face me. He dropped me as he looked behind him. I took the chance and ran off. He quickly realized it was a trick and began chasing me again.

I cursed under my breath. He was catching up! Christ Titan, you can do this! I sprinted faster, and after a while I was pretty sure I outran him. I couldn't hear or see him.

Damn, I lost my breakfast. Oh well, worse has happened.

My stomach grumbled and gurgled. I sighed in irritation and walked with my hands folded behind my head.

I walked for a long while, until approximately noon. I stopped. Something didn't feel right...

My instincts told me that something was wrong. I looked around me, but I had entered a clearing full of trees with low hanging branches. The branches were full of leaves and there were vines everywhere, so it hid anything that could be hiding.

My hand went for my spear, and I heard a slight ruffle of leaves. Something was close by. I heard something behind me and I turned around.

That was my mistake because as soon as my back turned something landed on me, knocking me down.

"What the hell?" I cursed and I felt someone on top of me. I was lying face down into the dirt and someone was sitting on my back, their feet on my hands preventing me from moving.

I felt someone moving and whoever the person was they were searching me. I guess they found nothing useful because they stood up soon after. I noticed that my spear was off my back and lying too far away for me to get it without coming to close to the person.

The person had a dark brown shirt that cut to their mid-rib section. I noticed that they were a girl, dirty dark green shorts, a pair of ratty hunting boots and a black bandanna on her head.

I growled and my hand went for one of my hidden daggers.

"Now who the bloody hell do you think you are?"

A/N: I FINALLY GOT THE GLITCH FIXED! AWW YISSS! Not as good as I hoped, but I had a lot of help from Mellingersarah, due to a nasty case of writers block! Thank you! Anyways, has anyone guessed who the two people Titan meets are? Rhymes with Mulger and Batalia... Anyways, tell me what you think in the comments below, next up is bored_chic1002 with Natalia Ryan!

In this story a tropical species sabre tooth shall be in it. I hope that clears up any confusion!

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