My random reposts


Chapter 1

Random repost #1

This or That
Morning person or night owl?: night owl :)
Romance or horror?: horror >:D
Summer or winter?: winter. the summer is too hot and there are tons of mosquitos. i HATE mosquitos!!
Fruit or vegetables?: fruit.
Pencil or pen?: pencil but pens are also good.
Odd or even numbers?: both but more odd. my favorite numbers are 3, 13, 11, 9, 17, 64 and 8
Birthday or Christmas?: birthday. neither are that important to me because for christmas the only good thing that happens is dinner and for some reason my parents are always in a bad mood on my birthday. but i chose my birthday because it's closer to halloween.
Dog or cat?: cats but i like dogs too.
Twilight or Harry Potter?: HARRY POTTER!!!!!
Blonde or Brunette?: brunette
Coke or Pepsi?: eh.. coke i guess
Chocolate or Vanilla?: chocolate
Left or Right?: left because nothing's ever right..
Rain or sun?: rain!!! :D i love rain! and the sun burns my eyes so much! sometimes i even wear sunglasses in the winter! the sun annoys me!!

Would you Rather...
Be blind or be deaf?: blind. i can't live without my music... wait.. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MY BOOKS OR MOVIES EITHER!!!! D: ok then i choose to be mute. I DON'T GIVE A SHIIT IF IT'S NOT AN OPTION. DEAL WITH IT.
Sing or dance?: sing. i'm not that good at it but better than dancing.
Die or kiss Justin Bieber?: die. no offence..
Not be able to eat or not be able to drink?: eat. we need water more than food. you only die a few days later so it doesn't really make that big of a difference.
Be stupid or ugly?: umm...
Be married and have no kids or have no kids and be married?: isn't that the same thing?
Get your head chopped off or get shot multiple times in the head?: get my head chopped off. it's quick and easy.
Watch Elmo or watch Dora?: no. just no.
Murder or be murdered?: MURDER >:)
Lose your friends or lose your family?: lose my family. don't ask why.

Random Questions!
What is your favorite color?: black! :)
How many siblings do you have?: 3 idiots.
When's your birthday?: october 25, why?
What was your best ever Halloween costume?: i don't know and i don't care.
Who was your first celebrity crush?: umm.. johnny depp i think
Who's your current celebrity crush?: nobody
Do you smile or frown more?: frown i guess. my mom always says: "Why are you always in a bad mood?!?", so..
How hungry are you right now?: not.
How often do you brush your teeth?: 1 or 2 times a day.
What's your favorite movie?: i don't know. it's hard to choose just one.
Do you like total randomness?: meh. sometimes. depends.
Do you like One Direction?: nope
Do you like Taylor Swift?: meh
What was the best Christmas present you ever got?: a fvcking bonsai that dead because my stupid parents forgot to give it water while i was on vacation -.-
What are you doing at this moment?: answering this question.
What did you eat today?: cornflakes, passionfruit, milk, chicken nuggets, tomato, nougat, ice cream, a cookie. a lot more than i wanted to.
What time was it when you woke up?: 8:00
Do you sing in the shower?: no

Right now you are...
Wearing: a shirt with the british flag and a long jeans pants.
Doing: answering this question.
Eating: nothing
Listening to: the birds chirping
Watching: the computer screen
Touching: the keyboard
Smelling: nothing
Holding: my cellphone
Saying: nothing

List 5 facts about yourself:
1. i'm goth
2. i love music
3. i love to draw
4. i love anime
5. my cat is THE MOST important thing EVER to me.

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