You don't know me. (read if I message you or anything like that)

Yep. Fake. That's what she is, that's what I am.

Chapter 1

You don't know me.

To my friend: I am a heartless. I am a stupid daredevil. I dress like a boy cause I got the personality of one. I will probably stay single for long cause I scare everyone else.
To strangers: They goanna stay strangers cause one look at me and fear takes them over. I usually have a death glare in my eyes as the emo girl Yenny told me.
My of my teachers: I'm quiet, they usually ignore me. They think I'm innocent and smart.
My math teacher: Lazy, shouldn't really be in honors. Ask to many dumb questions. He likes teasing me. He still doesn't know me to much.

Now that you know how I seem in other people eyes let me tell you the truth from my soul. I fear a lot, I'm girly. I'm short tempered but if some stranger tries to talk to me I'll give them "Sad Puppy Eyes" as Dominick calls them. I don't know what he means, I just stare at them. I won't talk to them, I'm easily hurt. I love corny things. I always am watching love stories. I cry to easy to be true. But not in Public. I put on an act so I'm a fake. I use the name my mom wanted for me: Josie. I added the Contrez. I act the life my sister lives.

My sister's friend: They think she's sweet. Girly. That's all I know.

She's tough. She hits me whenever she gets mad. So I can't stand up for myself. Cause I don't want to get hit anymore. She is as tomboyish as possible, though she dresses like a girl. She's the complete opposite of me. Everyone loves her.


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