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Chapter 1

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Plot: Eight teens who have been trained their whole life are set on a mission to go to Earth ans retrive a plant that only grows on Earth. The problem is Earth is vacant because a mutation gene spread around thousands of years ago. The people fled to another planet, Eresmo, were they made their colony. The gene made animal grow twice maybe triple their size, on Earth. The people who fled took part of the gene with them and passed it on to their own, but instead of causing harm it actually helped them with a power, different to each. Now, the reason they need the plant is becauae it has healing powers that their leader, or president, needs to over come a death situation.

While on Earth they have to face the animals, but also the challange of not knowing what will and could happen. Earth has changed a lot, and these teens will be the witness of it.

Okay, so I need three more authors to help! You will need a female and male character, and will be writting in both Points Of View!

Form: (You will need to fill one for you female character and another for your male character!)

Age: 16-19
Looks like/Played By: (Any Celebrity!)
Weapon(s) Choice:
Job for the team: (Navigator, Location Scout, etc.)
Team Member: Your male character
Team Number: Every team has a number they are recognize by
Extra: (If Anything)

My Characters:

Name: Nessie Hollow
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Looks Like/Playes By: Ariana Grande (with red hair)
Personality: Fierce, Straight to the point, Witty, Strong Willed, Can have a temper from time to time, Doesn't like being lied to, Loyal, Trustworthy
Power(s): Hair turns different color for different situations, and can see parts of the future but they are foggy
Weapon(s) Choice: Bow&Arrow, Knife, and her own hands
Job For The Team: She is put in charge of the team, Plan Maker
Strength: Fighting and Staying calm during a battle
Weakness/Fear(s): Letting her team down, and not being in contol
Team Member: Hunter Whiteheart
Team Number: One-One-Two-Five-One-Nine
Extra: Her and Hunter don't see eye to eye, and are constantly arguing.

Name: Hunter Whiteheart
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Looks Like/Played By: Liam Hemsworth
Personality: Arrogant, Show-Off, Cocky, Witty, Smart Mouth, Hates being lied to, Hot Head
Power(s): Super Strength, Can tell and sometimes change the mood people are in
Weapon(s) Choice: Fire Arms, Swords, and own hands
Job For The Team: Healer/Doctor, Second in command
Strength: Healing and Fighting
Weakness/Fear(s): Being left alone
Team Member: Nessie Hollow
Team Number: One-One-Two-Five-One-Nine
Extra: Acts the way he does to protect himself, Hates following rules from someone younger than him especially a girl!

Also if you are going to apply, please make sure:
-To be on at least five days out of the week
-Are going to be able to write your chapter in, at least, five days!

-Be Creative
-Have Fun
-Use your imagination


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