If you read this I will love you. Its a poem.

If you read this I will love you. Its a poem.

This is a poem that will be the closing remarks for one of my novels. I thought it was really good, so I decided to put it up on the internet.
Oh and Azrael is a girl in my book.
Please comment.

Chapter 1

Silence as I fall

Fallen Angel
Wingless broken I can no longer fly,
He told me he loved me,
But that was a lie.
Long damned by my destiny,
I dreamed of where heaven ends,
Tricked and just too alone,
I found false intentions as friends,
He was never one I condone,
I hung on his every word,
Every lie was true,
Every truth my heart heard.
He told me of people who flew,
And thus I grew wings,
For I wanted him as mine,
And every falsehood he sings,
My faith follows shortly behind.
He said to jump in one breath,
My heart went over first,
Followed quickly by my death,
It was hard to tell which worst,
The pain or his deceit,
But the saddest thing of all,
Is that I was back on my feet,
Though destroyed by my fall,
I was still his to command,
Like a cadaver in action,
I bent to his every demand.
I joined a Demon faction,
They told me to destroy the right,
I waged war on morals,
I stepped away from the light.
He and I had quarrels,
Over what is right and wrong,
Which can be deemed better,
Silence or taking song?
He told me in a letter,
That he had forsaken my side,
He planned to oppose,
He expected me to abide.
I was not to join my foes,
No matter what he said,
My anger burned before me,
With it I painted his town red.
Fire and was all anyone could see,
For this night Heaven was mine,
Blood ran his streets,
No city for his angels to cry in,
Demons shrieked in joy,
And he found me there with them,
He looked but a sad boy,
Lost, I ran to him.
His wings black but whole,
We soared above the ground,
And once more he stole my soul,
Again casting me down.
I fell without a sound,
Though there were Angels all around,
My wings ripped from my back,
My world one consistent shade of black,
Death was my master once again,
And some say I am a sin,
For my name is Azrael,
Raised, rather than born in hell,
My heart belonged to Zachriel,
It’s because of him that I fell,
And together we suffer in eternal silence,
The price for our earth moving violence,
He forever blames me,
And is as cruel as he can be,
I follow in his wake,
And for my own sake,
Say not a word,
For fear that I’ll be heard,
The traitor, the renegade,
Unable to persuade,
My own misfortunate innocence,
To anyone since,
That fateful day,
I heard him say,
I love you…



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