The Tropical Twist

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Chapter 1

Starting of the story!

"O what a great personality!" One of my friend said from back while I was walking on seashore.

"Hey Thanks, But I never think that I am great." I replied

But he replied "Oh! Why you or any other will think like that if he is most popular and famous dancer.

"Really if you want to know I will tell you that I always believe in simple living and high thinking that is the effect of that" I replied him.

"Hey so, why don't you stop dancing on big platform." he replied again.

But I replied "I don't leave my profession because I just want to entertain peoples."

"Oh! Then I wish that a witch come and she turns you in a rat or a girl, Then your dignity and popularity will be spoiled and that will make me happy." He wished in a different way.

Then I replied "Hey, There is neither witch nor god and it's just in movies that anyone is turned to a witch, You fool can just wish like that."

He then didn't reply and moved in other direction and his face was looking very funny when he moved from there. And I when turned back.......


~When I Turned Back~

I found a charming girl standing there and she asked for my autograph on the T-Shirt she was wearing.

I gave her my autograph and asked her name

And she replied "Pri...Pris.....Priscilla."

I told her "Why are you hesitating, Your name is very beautiful."

She replied "Thanks for praising my name, I am hesitating because I am first talking with a great personality."

I then said her "Hey don't say me great I am a simple boy and consider me as your friend."

"Thanks! I just need a friend and I got a friend like you" She replied.

"That's good I am very happy to be your friend, You are very Gorgeous!" I replied.

"Thanks if I ask you to come at my home and teach me dance, Then will you teach me" She convinced.

"Ok! I will but where do you live?" I asked her.

She answered "In a lonely and empty house, it's not so far."

I then asked "Do you live lonely?"

"Yes, I have no friends, no parents and no family member." She answered.

"Oh! It's so bad and don't say like that from now I am your brother and your friend and I will teach you dance." I said.

"Thanks brother, so now let move to my house." She said

And now we were moving toward her home slowly slowly and finally we reached at the place it was a small house with a old T.V and a broken Bed and rest of all was empty. I was feeling pity on that girl.
And she asked "To start teaching her."

So I started teaching her and she was doing very beautifully and I was amazed that is copying me that much nicely.

I asked her "Hey you are a great dancer and how do you learn that?"

She replied " I always want to be like you and really I learned all from you while seeing your programs on my television."

"Girl you are rocking as you learn that much difficult steps by just seeing that, even not in front you." I praised her.

And while she was to reply there comes a..............

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