The Ultimate Writing Challenge...

The Ultimate Writing Challenge...

Chapter 1

The chronologically backwards story.

Ok, so for a while now I have wanted to issue the challenge of writing a story that goes completely chronologically backwards. I would like for this to be a single author story, and I think I want to have it turned in by Halloween. Yeah. Send an invite to me by 10/30/13, and I will read all the entries and choose three winners to share on 11/10/13.
1. The story must begin with the end and finish with the beginning, yet still make sense to readers. This means something other than taking a story and flip flopping it.
2. You can do the time reversal thing how ever you want, by page, or chapter, or whichever. I don't care as long as it flows in a coherent manner.
3. There is no required length, make it as long or short as you like.
4. Try to think outside of the box :)
5. Oh, and to make it really difficult, don't use time travel ;)
1. Don't reverse a regular story
2. I'm not going to choose anything realistic fiction, so it would be in your favor to do anything but that. And by realistic fiction I mean high school relationship stuff. Unless someone dies, in which case game on.
3. Have fun with it. In 2 months I cant wait to see what you guys came up with :D

Thx for participating, and may the odds be ever in your favor...


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