Make It Out Alive (An original group story)

Seven teenagers are selected to participate in the world's first Surviving In The Wild. They will be left out in the wild, counting on each other to help them stay alive.

Chapter 1


"Alyssa! Breakfast is ready!" called my mom, Melissa.

"Coming!" I shouted. I put down my book, and thundered down the stairs, slipping on the rug at the bottom like I always did. "Ouch!" I got up and headed to the kitchen. It smelled like cinnamon rolls. "Thanks Mom," I said, helping myself to a hot cinnamon roll. Mom poured me a glass of orange juice. "Mom!" I moaned, "I hate orange juice!"

"You need it to stay healthy," she said, and set the glass in front of me.

I got up "Ugh, I don't want breakfast!" I said, leaving my half-eaten cinnamon roll on the table.

"Alex!" called my mom, "come in here and get your daughter to drink her orange juice!"

Dad rushed into the kitchen. Oh great. "Sorry, hon, I'm gonna be late for work!" he said. Dad rushed out the door and then came back in. "I need the car keys." My mom glared at him and threw him the keys. He caught them. "Bye Lyss," he said, and closed the door. Dad was always in a rush in the mornings, and it was quite amusing sometimes.

"Izzi, Meredith and Skye are coming over later," I said to the wall.

"Great," replied Mom. "Go upstairs, and make yourself look presentable." I raced up the stairs, not bothering to listen to whatever Mom said after that. I brushed my teeth for 20 seconds, 'cause I was in a rush like Dad.

"Crap, where's my hairbrush?" I said quietly to myself. Finally, I found it under a pile of books. I pulled it through my hair once or twice, and dressed myself in a gray t-shirt and ripped jean shorts. Ding-dong! It was the doorbell. I ran down the stairs, slipping on that stupid rug again. I made a mental note to tell Mom to throw it away, even though it was in great shape. I opened the door.

"Hey Lyss!" said my friend Izzi.

"Hey guys! What's up?" I said. Izzi was wearing a black and white striped shirt, faded jean shorts, and yellow flip flops. Meredith was wearing a white top with a blue skirt and sandals. Skye was wearing a purple dress and black high heels. She was kind of the fancy one, along with Meredith. Me and Izzi had more of a tomboy style.

"Come on! Let us in!" said Meredith. I laughed and let them through.

"Can we go upstairs?" asked Skye.

"Sure, but my room is a disaster. It looks like it got hit by a tornado," I said. We all went upstairs.

"That was a very accurate description," commented Izzi, looking around.

"Ow! You need to clean up in here!" exclaimed Meredith after tripping over my pile of books.

"Hey! I organized that pile!" I yelled. Everyone started laughing, and pretty soon I was too.

"Girls, it's time!" called my mom. We all came running down the stairs, and we all slipped on the rug, landing on top of each other. We got up and all went to sit on the couch so we could watch TV. They were going to announce who was going to be in this thing called Surviving In The Wild. Basically, you were sent into the wild with 6 other kids age 14-17 and you had to survive. Apparently we had learned that in school, but I had been daydreaming, so Meredith had to explain it to me. I daydream a lot.

"Hello, everybody, it's time to announce who will be going to be surviving in the wild!" said the announcer guy. A cheer rose up from the crowd. "First we have...Katherine Rollands!!! Next, we have...James Reece!" he paused. Maybe James was his kid, and he was tearing up? No, he just had to fix his little microphone thing. "Next up is...Bethany Noss!! The next person is...Ashley Scott!!"

"Hey, I know her from school!" said Meredith.

"Small world," said Skye.

"And our next contestant is...Yuna! Who's after her? Amanda McWest! Okay guys, the next person is...Jason McNamara!! We're down to our final selection! It is...Alyssa Saunders!!!!" It took me a while to figure it out, because everything was spinning around in my head.

"Oh, Lyss!" cried our drama queen, Skye. Everyone hugged me. Mom came over and patted my back. This was it. It was time to get ready to put my skills to the ultimate test.

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