♡ Losing Grip - Ron & Hermione Love Story ♥

I know I haven't written in ages, and the last time I did, I gave up. I never thought I would again, I thought I'd just stick to quizzes to avoid self-humilation. But I don't know I really miss the way I used to be on Quibblo and even if this gets not reads or comments like my posts nowadays, I'll be fine with that. :)

Chapter 1


Hermione encountered a waft of warm air and instant comfort as she walked passed the blaze of the fireplace, sitting Harry and herself down on the couch of the living room. Them and Ron had just completed a rather difficult task of helping Mrs. Weasley scour the cauldrons.

"Seriously, Mum, you had to ask us to do that two days before Christmas?" Ron miffed as he himself settled exhaustively on a sofa with Ginny. Hermione inwardly and guiltily agreed, but said nothing. When she had noticed that Mrs. Weasley had not returned a snappy retorts, she quietly started, "Mrs. Weasley--" but was interrupted by a yawn.

"Oh, you must be exhausted, Hermione, I'm so sorry! Off to bed, then! That goes for the two of you, also." Ron's mother hurriedly pointed to Ron and Harry and led the three of them up the stairs.

Hermione stopped at the first floor at Ginny's bedroom, gently waving goodnight to the rest. As she entered, it was apparant that Ginny had not been sleeping the entire time she was asked to be.

"Hey," Ginny said slightly dismissively, clearly busying herself with something else.

"What are you still up doing?" Hermione acknowledged as she changed into sleepwear.

"Oh, nothing, really. Something from the mail. But you should see this," she replied, looking up at Hermione and urging her to walk over. "Hypocrite, Ron is, right? I'd love to see him wear this." Ginny laughed wryly, showing Hermione a charm necklace that read, to some extent, a girly font, "My Sweetheart."

"Ron? What do you mean?" Hermione asked, puzzled. Once again, Ginny let out a sardonic chuckle.

"Lavender, actually. Reckon she's just as mad as my brother. And Ron criticizes me for dating Dean!" she exclaimed, with all the effort to make as less noise as possible.

Not knowing how to respond or react, Hermione gave an unconvincing laugh and continued getting ready for bed as Ginny threw aside the necklace. The two of them exchanged "goodnights" and drifted off the sleep.

Hermione, however, stayed up absorbing and reflecting on her noticeably unusual behavior around Harry and Ron. She hadn't the least idea what was going on in her mind, and wasn't ready to spill to Ginny yet. As she tried once more to sleep, her thoughts floated into dreams of Ron Weasley.

Hermione was awoken the next morning by screams being exchanged by Mrs. Weasley and whoever else she could be yelling at.

"Ginny?" she blurted.

"Yeah?" Ginny responded, in the middle of something. Hermione had noticed that Ginny was always in mid-action while speaking to her.

"Er--what are you doing?"

"That necklace I showed you yesterday," Ginny said, giggling in between, "I'm just re-wrapping it so I can be sure Ron sees it." Ginny smirked, Hermione feeling a twinge of, without knowing why, annoyance.

"Can I see that?" she asked, standing up.

"Okay. Just be careful not to, you know, make it look as if someone else already opened--"

And with one swift movement, Hermione angrily thrust the necklace out the window.

"Hermione! Are you-- What the hell?" Ginny's expression altered so quickly that Hermione had no time to feel pride in what she had just done, immediately feeling guilt.

"Ginny, I-- I don't know what's gotten into me, I never would have expected m-- I don't know how to say this," Hermione exclaimed hysterically, suddenly bursting into tears, throwing herself on the bed.

"Hermione, I'm going to ask you to calm down. You can tell me anything, right? Isn't that what we've been doing all these years? Can you tell me what's bothering you?" Ginny placed a comforting hand on Hermione's shoulder.

"I don't know, Ginny! I don't know! That's the problem! Ever since they s-started going out, I-I've been acting so d-different!" Hermione cried, throwing her hands up and then burying her head in them.

"Are you sure it's not because you're--"

"I'm not jealous! I'm not, Ginny!" she lied, afraid of admitting that there was a possibility she felt something for Ron.

"I know you said you don't know what's going on, but tell me, as honestly as you can, what you're feeling inside," Ginny advised.

"I-- I don't know what, Ginny. If I knew..." Hermione hesitated. "I think what you said is right..."

"You're-- Jealous?"


"Hold on a second, Hermione, I have a feeling someone's eavesdropping," Ginny said while getting up and opening the door.

Hermione's eyes grew wide as she saw the face of a Ronald Weasley at the door, both their places as red as his hair.


Sorry that was short, I just had no idea what else to write. :3 I suck lmfao.

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