Your Own Perception

(This is my first story. Views, comments, and rates are obviously welcomed!)

This story takes place in diary/journal form. It most likely will stay in this form throughout the entirety of the novella.

This is definitely going to be multi-chapter.

Chapter 1

Entry #1: Pure Elation

July 21
Entry #1

In my life I have waited for just one moment. That second when everything is just perfect. The flash of time in which you can relax and say "I am happy," without thinking about anything else other than the euphoria that you are trapped inside.

Today, I reached that moment.

However, that small juncture really did only last a second. It's a shame, really. I was heaved out of my bliss and tossed horribly depressing abyss, where I reached the true, clear reality of my situation. Allow me to summarize in two words:

I'm screwed.


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