This will be my first official group story!
Please read the description below and follow directions closely.
I'd prefer authors who know they can be online at least once a week (including me) so the story doesn't come to a screeching halt!
If I have ample interest and enough sign-ups, hopefully this story can become a reality.

Chapter 1

Please Read and Comment Below! (Biography & Description)

by: Shiranuii
I was trying to come up with a topic for a group story that I hoped enough people would find engaging and unique. I know that the whole post-apocalyptic and dystopian genre is fairly popular nowadays, so I hope you find that suitably interesting. The premise is as follows:

A few hundred years in the future, consumable and natural resources had been far outpaced by the rapidly growing human population. Advanced technologies and expanding cities slowly ate up most of what was left of the natural landscape, leading to ecological disaster. The crowding of the human populace lead to a huge scarcity of water in third word countries around the world, and soon spread to the world powers.

Societies soon begin to crumble and collapse as the only human desire remains is the struggle for water. War, famine, and chaos are unleashed across the planet as the population is reduced to dwindling numbers and Earth is left as a sparsely habitable, dead chunk of rock hurtling through space. All that remains are remnants of untouched and protected ecosystems housing the few animals that survived the Armageddon.

Around the year 3200, life has found a way to adjust to the decimated terrain. Forests have begun to flourish again, and strange and exotic animals have evolved from the ashes.

On the west coast of the United States, a large amount of forest grew over and onto many cities as buildings and rubble slowly deteriorated over time. The ancient city of San Francisco is now home to one of the largest trees in the world. It is taller than many of the old skyscrapers and its brittle branches expand over the region like an umbrella.

The tree produces a hollow fruit. From this fruit emerges the first signs of sentient life in a thousand years. Mere vegetation has developed means to walk, speak, and live as humans used to. They look like humans, but skin, flesh, and bone has been replaced with leaves, vines, branches, and chlorophyll.

These young creatures emerge innocently into this strange new world, greeted immediately by strange sights of archaic, decrepit buildings but are filled with nothing but the wildest sense of curiosity, not knowing if they are alone in this dangerous and exciting new world.


For this story I will have a total of 8 writers (including myself), where 4 will be the plant species (I'll come up with a name later :) ) and 4 will be humans.

(For the sake of the story everyone speaks English :P However, plants cannot read or write in the language.)

(One more note: Plant people choose their name, whether it is of their own machination or have it given to them by a human. Also, they emerge full grown, so you can give the number of years since they left the tree, and the human age equivalent.)

I need 3 more plants and 4 more humans !
This is what a typical bio will look like:
Species: Plant
Name: Lisirra
Gender: Female
Age: 1 week... 17
Height:5' 8"
Build: Lean and sleek, but not lanky
Skin (Leaf) Color: Very pale green; pinkish-white highlights that illuminate in darkness.
Hairstyle: Brilliant turquoise-blue leaves with a deep part, swept over to left side of the face completely covering ear
Eye Color: Deep forest green
Extra Appearance Details: Short round leaves around outside edges of eyes and eyebrows.
Extra Physical Characteristics:
Personality: Thoughtful and contemplative, curious and adventurous. Unafraid to try new things. Calm, caring, not easily provoked.
Interests: Astronomy, Books, Music
Talents: Singing
Relatives? Relationships?: None
"Traveling" is for Humans... Plant-species are alone at beginning of story..
Traveling alone or in group: Alone
Any other historical/character details?: None

I'll add more details later, but for now I just want to see who's interested. If you'd like a spot, please enter a biography below. I'll look them all over the next week and a half so if you don't have a biography in by the night of the 23rd (unless there aren't enough writers) then you're out of luck!
When you're trying to create your characters, particularly the plant species, be wildly creative; it's anything plant related, it can be any color, style, etc. Try to find pictures online if you have to.
Lastly, if you have any notes or ideas you'd like to add or want to tell me, such as a name for the species ;), don't be afraid to comment!

To join::: Just create a potential biography for a character you'd like to portray in the comment section! Thanks :)


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