Boys, Bras and Growing Up!

Boys, Bras and Growing Up!

Hi, I'm Jess and this is me and my life .Join me in my battle through annoying brothers, cute boys, popular girls and growing up (that is if I survive until high school) anyway , if you like the first chapters then I'll make more so, enjoy and please rate/comment. thanks :)

For girls aged 9-15 about a a twelve (nearly thirteen) year old's stuggle dealing with life and growing up. Sorrry about the punctuation and spelling mistakes :)

Chapter 1

The plan.

uhh, I can't belive it's nearly the first day of school already. 7th grade and I STILL haven't got my first bra yet! I tried asking mom very nicley,I said "mom, I know your old fashioned and wierd and all that but you were a girl onece to so I know you'll probably understand that I neeeed a first bra like now, I'm becoming a woman and I think it's only fair that you buy me one!" and to prove this i i pulled my shirt tight so that she could see "see... there's not much's the beggining of something" I say looking down at my chest. But you know what,instead of being a kind a understanding mom like all my other friends have she just burst out laughing! She LAUGHED! Can you belive that?! I tried to go on about how all my friends have one and that and I'll be made fun of without one but she just said "Jess, we've gone over this. I know you want a bra but the're a lot of money and at this point in time a wate of money because you simpliy just don't need one." "What so now you're calling me FLAT?! I HATE YOU, MOM! You just don't get me" I yelled running to my room and slamming the door behind me.God parents can be so....annoying!

Anyway I called Amy up and told her all about it , her mom got her a bra last year.She paused for a while and then spoke. "Jess, are you a woman?" she asked me."Yes" "And do women were bra's?" "Of course" "And so are you ready to do anything for this?!" "I am!" "Then listen up I've got a plan! Before we go to school on monday, we sneak in to town and go to victoria secrets get you measured and buy you a bra, you'll need all your allowence... of course, then you sneak it back to your house and hide it.Then you put it in your school bag and right before and after school you go to the girls washroom and put it on so your mom doesn't even notice you have one!" "Amy, you're a genius!!!!!" I yelled and we started getting everything ready.

So today I'm going to Amy's house.
"Bye Mom,I'm going now!"
"Bye sweet heart don't be late for dinner" I roll my eyes and go to the bus stop,Amy's there waiting for me,her mom thinks she's at my house,little do they know we're going on a shopping spree, no parents allowed! We got on the bus, excitedly and laugh as the people give us funny looks as we do our little dance routine for journeys we invented.

We arrive in town and we excitedlyrun in to victoria secrets. A tall beautiful woman in heels and a grey dress eyes us up suspicioulsy.
"May I help you?" She asks
"Jess wants a bra!"" Amy yells.
"AMY!" I hiss nudging her.
"O.k , What size are you?" she asks in an almost amused tone.
"Umm.. well...I don't know" I stammer going red, I didn't relize it would be so embarrassing. She sighs and looks down at me.
"Do you need me to measure you?" she asks me. I suddnley have this flash of me bare chested with her smirking , holding the measuring tape and Amy laughing, telling me I'm too small for a bra.
"No thanks"I squeak, running out the door.
"Jess!" Amy shouts from behind me but it's too lateI'm already on the bus home she manages to get to the bus doors before it closes and hit me on the head.
"AWWW"I moan rubbing my head,
"What was all that about?!" She asks red with anger. "I was so embarrassed, that lady looked at me like I was an idiot and I had to just run out the shop after you and nearly miss the bus!" She complains. "Well... It's nearly time for dinner so I thought I better go back" I say hiding my face.
"Oh come on Jess, we've got hours left still, what's the real reason?" so I tell her, I tell her how I'm flat, how I'm scared and embarrassed, how I probably couldn't even fit in a real bra and she just smiles.
"Jess don't worry about that, no matter how flat you are, there will always be a bra that fits you and if you don't want her to measure you,I can do it" "You can?" I ask. "Yes, on the computer , I'll measure you and you can put the measurments in to the bra size calculator and find it out your size, ok?"
"Ok!" I say with a nod, smiling now.The bus stops at my house and we both go in.
"Jess,your early" mom says putting a steak in the oven.
"And Amy's here,ohwhat a suprise" She says smiling,confused.
"oh,well Amy's mom's ill so we thought we'de hang out here for a bit and give her some peace" I say quickly.
"Oh Jane's ill, what with prehaps I better call her" She says, getting out the phone.
"NO!" I shout
"why?" Mom asks
"Because... because"
"She's got a migrain!" Amy tells her.
"Oh yes a migrain, she really doesn't want to be distrurbed" I say.
"Oh ... how odd! Well send her my love when you go home ok Amy?"
"Ok" Amy says nooding and she grabs my arm and drags me up stairs.Amy doesn't like my mom, she thinks she's strict and old fashioned, to be honest I have to agree with her there.She dislikes my little brother even more and again, I really have to agree with her THERE! anyway so she tells me to go change in to a vest so I do and she takes my measurments. I go online and put my bust and underbust size on to the bra siza calculator.
"oooh, lets see" Says Amys says trying to look.
"No!" I say turning the screen away from here I look at what it says '30AA' I blush.That's soo small.
"What does it say?" Amy asks eagerly. I decide to make it just a little bigger.
"umm... 30B" I say.
"Wow, we're both B cups!" she say looking at me as if she knew I was lying.I would just have to tell the victoria secrets woman that I was a 30AA in private!
oh no.
"Oh my god, Amy, it's school tomorrow,what do we do?!" I ask.
"I know, after dinner, you pretend to take me home, we quickly go to buy you a bra one more time, pay a taxi to get you back quickly then I'll walk on my own, I may even stay in town a little longer, my mom is waaaay more laid back then your's" I nod,so thats the plan.

After dinner, we go on the bus and onece more arrive at Victoria Secrets I go in a smile at the pretty lady who tried to help me before. This time, I would be brave.
"Hello.... again. May I actually help you this time?" She asks.
"Yes, I would like a bra." I say, Amy nods at me approvingly.
"And what bra size are you?" she asks playing with her bun at the top of her head.
"Um..." I look at Amy listening intently, darn it, what do I say?
"well?" The lady asks although it sounded more like a statment.
"I'm...ummm.... ummmm... well.....I think I'm....."
"She's a 30B." Amy tells the lady, also getting impatient with me.I look at Amy in horror , why can't she ever butt out of my buisness?!
"Perfect , well follow me then." The lady says and she takes us down an isle to a rack of the most beautiful bras I have ever seen. The lady smiles at my reaction.
"Well, let me know if you need anything more" She tells me and walks off.
I stare at a beautiful light blue one that caught my eye,it so cute! It's light blue at the top but it goes darker towards the bottom,decorated with tiny birds and blue checkerd bows on each strap and in the middle.
"This one, I love this one!" I say taking itof the rack and admiring it.
"Ooooh, pretty" Jane says checking that it's size.
"It's a 30B too" she says. I blush, why did I have to pretend I was bigger then I was? but I'm still really happy that I get this bra even if it does mean it's too big for me. Then I look at the price tag. $40.00.
"Darn it! I can''t afford it!" I say , sadly putting it back on the rack. I end up choosing a cheaper plain white one.
"'s a bra at least" I say,sighing
"and a padded one too" Amy says, feeling it. That's true, I'm happy about that , people will think I've grown over the summer. She buys an ultra grown up lacy pink push up bra with a matching thong. I stare at it gawping.
"Oh my God Amy!" I say with my mouth wide open.
" It's nice isn't it? and ultra sexy it's pretty expensive though!" she says smiling
"Does your mom, let you wear things like that" She rolls her eyes.
"Jess, my mom's not like your,she keeps her nose were it's wanted and my underwear is really none of her buisness!"
"wow!" I say.
"Are you ready for school tomorrow then?" Amy ask eagerly, clearly proud of her 'master plan' to get me a bra.
"You bet!"

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