Writing Tips!

Chapter 1


Don't start of the story with a character bio.

One of the things that will make me not read a story is seeing this:

Name: Ella Lane
Age: 14
Looks: Long red hair, pale, blue eyes, short, skinny.
Personality: Fun, nice, scary when mad, outgoing, funny.

Now I don't care how great your story is, if I see a character bio my opinion of your story goes down by a lot. Also most character bios I have seen are like that in the personality. They describe no personality flaws your character might have.

Now in group stories, character bios are fine. I mean for two people-no. But an actual group story (3 or more) I will understand. It is helpful for the authors to see the other characters information.

Now here is an acceptable version of a character bio.

Name: Linda Harris
Looks: Dirty blond hair that is short in a bob. Hazel eye. Average build, tall.
Personality: Rebellious, impulsive, brave, confident, loyal, kind of aggressive.

Now the trait was brave. The positive character trait that go with bravery are being confidence and loyalty. The negative traits are being impulsive, aggressive, and rebellious (though some of these could be debatable).

Now if I see that and it is for a group story, I'm okay. If not, my personal opinion of your story just went down. I mean I know you aren't a professional author but you can at least look like it. Name your favorite book, does it have a character bio? No.

Is the main character perfect in character?


Does everybody love the main character?


Does the main character make stupid decisions?


Is the character perfect?


I just noticed a lot of times the stories that use a character bio end up having Mary-Sue's for characters.

Use understandable human language.

This means no text talk (unless two characters are texting in the story, then and only then is it acceptable). This means proper spelling and grammar. Not every single thing must be perfect. You are human, you make mistakes. However there is a difference from the occasional mishap in your writing then a story written like this example below.

I cant evn xplain how much i hurt. bob took away my heart and i didnt undrstnd.

I am going to stop because that is painful for me to write, and I am sure my computer is traumatized. Now go back to your favorite book. Is it written like that? Do you think it would even be published if it was? The answer is no. Text talk...its easy for you to write with but hard for the reader to understand. So who cares if your plot is the best plot ever? If your readers have to struggle to understand your writing they won't care about the story. Or if they are like me they won't even read it.

It is okay to have visual references, just don't show your readers it.

Okay I have tons of visual references that I use when writing. However you never see them (unless they are in my photo album and you take a stroll though there).

My dress was (insert link) and my shoes were (insert link). I felt beautiful.

Yeah...no. Again, you may not be a professional author but you can at least act like it. Also when I see a link to see the characters it makes me die inside.

Space out your paragraphs.

When all of your paragraphs are touching and they connect...it's hard to understand. Spacing them out is so helpful for your readers. Believe me.

If it helps you, act and speak out your story.

Now I'm not saying that if your character jumps off of a building in your story you should too. However if it is reasonable act out the story to help move it along. Say the dialoge you wrote to make sure it sounds right. Everything has a chain reaction in life, your story should too.

Go in with a plan.

Right, writing stories with no end in sight is kind of dumb. And they usually sink like the Titanic. I'm not saying you have to know every little detail before you start but have a plot outline. I will use my story "For The Love Of A Sister" as an example.

-Piper gets hit by car
-Hospital trip
-Finds out about damage
-Sophie and dad go home
-Sophie falls into a sort of depression
-Sophie comes out of depression and Piper and mom come home
-OT war/Call from lawyer
-Sophies first theraphy session.

Now there are more to my notes but I will not be telling you them as I don't want to spoil the story for those who read it. But I have an outline. And some of my events got switched around as the story progressed, that's natural. Events got added in or taken out, that's natural too.

Also this includes research. I know it's horrible.

This brings me to my next tip;

Don't be afraid of change.

Story heading in a different direction than you usually planned, maybe it is for the better. If you are scared to let your story grow you can be holding it back from becoming great.

Make the story relatable to you.

Okay if I went and wrote a story about baseball, I would have a very hard time doing it. However if I went and wrote a story about dance it would be easier for me. Why? I am a dancer so a dance related story is easier for me to work with. Also I weave my own person experiences and my friends/people I know into my story.

If you don't want to write, don't write.

Unmotivated writers produce crappy work. It's a rule of life. Also it's not only in writing. Though we do have to do homework when we don't want to... However writing shouldn't be homework.

Read others work.

It helps you write by reading. With inspiration and knowing the written language. Also on Quibblo, if you comment and rate on others creations karma will eventually be kind and return the favor.

Don't have spastic chapter titles.

Your story might be brilliant but if your chapter title is "dghfbbjiks" we have issues.

Know yourself and your style.

Now I happen to write in first person. So when I write in third person I subconsciously switch to first. By knowing that fact I know what to watch out for.

With your main character, try to get them close in character to you. In my story "For The Love Of A Sister" my main character Sophie was a sweet, quite, sincere girl. However as the story progresses she is becoming sarcastic. Why? Probably because I am sarcastic. So I am having to focus more on her character and personality. Knowing these things can make you a better writer.

Every author is different and so some of these tips might not work for you. However some of them are universal. I think you know which ones.

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