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Chapter 3


Now before you groan and leave this chapter unread, as fan-fiction is a bane to us all, just read. After all tons of people write it, myself included. It should be good to have a helpful guide. Though my help might not be very helpful at all. Anyways...

Stick With The Original Story
Okay, say that you are writing a Hunger Games fan-fiction. Unless it is a "what happened if Katniss didn't volunteer" story, stick with the plot. Katniss not volunteering would be a drastic change, but that was the point in this case. However if you are writing the story from another tributes eyes, yes the plot won't be identical to the original but it shouldn't be drastic.

Also be realistic. If your character is from District 8 (textiles) they will not, under any circumstances be a wilderness prodigy. Why? District 8 is urban. District 2 people won't usually hesitate with bloodshed and they will be strong. Stick with those facts.

Also with characters, if they are in your story keep them as close as possible to the original. If a character is described as quite and withdrawn in the original story, please do not make them a social butterfly in your fan-fiction.

Be Realistic
So one day I decided I needed to loose some of my brain cells. Yeah, so I go and read some One Direction fan-fictions. I don't even like them. However I succeeded in having a startling decrease of functional brain cells and I noticed something- the plots were so unrealistic.

Unless you're beauty is so breath-taking Harry isn't going to see you in the crowd and fall in love. Sorry. And also going on tour with them. What mother would ever allow her teenage daughter to miss school for several months and go around the country/world with a bunch of boys? I know mine wouldn't. I know I wouldn't let my daughter do it if I had a daughter.

You As A Mary-Sue

Now a lot of times in fan-fictions, we place our self's into the world of whatever story. Now I am pretty at ease with my many, many, many, many, many faults. I would list them but that would take several days and nobody has that kind of time. Even then, when I place myself into a story I alter things about myself. It can be a small thing on appearance, like eye color. It can be something like a fear or a major personality trait (example: Esmeralda rarely smiles and I am always laughing and smiling...unless I'm pissed, but I am a teenager). This can make it feel like it isn't you enough to make yourself flawed.

Or here is a cheat way. So prideful people or arrogant people have a hard time admitting that they are wrong or have faults. Make your character have pride issues and use that as a cushion to fall back on. You still need to give them other flaws, but that can help support you in crises.

Also with your character. Say they are a great runner...is it distance or sprinting. If your character is an amazing distance runner...sprinting will not be their forte. I do swimming and I do distance...people can tell I am not a sprinter. It's just so different in technique. So yes while I am good at distance, my sprinting is pretty pathetic.

Also characters are human too so they make mistakes and aren't perfect. I have tons of endurance, but I have times where I want to throw my little white flag and the air and stop. My endurance isn't invincible, it will falter.

Same with other traits. I am pretty brave usually, however you get me in a doctors office and you are trying to stick a needle in me...I go back on that statement of my bravery. Human traits aren't constant, neither should your characters be 100% of the time.

You are writing a fan-fiction, know the book/tv show/whatever. And if that means having to look up stuff...oh well. Welcome to life. Where you have to do unpleasant things you might not always want to do. I am really very unsympathetic here.

Follow the Rest of the Previous Story Tips
By God, if I have to explain this to you, you are a complete idiot.


Story Tips

Have A Support Team And Brainstorming Team

You need people who are not afraid to be ruthless with your work. You also need people to help you brainstorm ideas and if you are anything like me, stop some ideas. You need people to pick apart the holes and point them out so you can fix them. There is a ridiculous amount of people who are my behind the scenes crew. Also they motivate you, as writing is a tiresome job. They can change the story flow. I tend to bounce off of people's idea so I really need my helpers. However it is good for everybody to have. Also while tearing apart your work they need to give you praise. :)

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