I'm Addicted

Chapter 1


I thought when I came back on Quibblo, it wouldn't be the same, I wouldn't exactly like it anymore, because, I hate to say this, but while I was gone, I didn't exactly miss it all too much, it was actually sort of refreshing getting away... (Not from my friends of course, but from all the drama and hate and stuff) But, I realize that although Quibblo is soooooooooooo boring and I'm just sitting here deleting invites and stuff, I still love it, I'm addicted. I actually want my mom to ban me from Quibblo, so I can be gone another week, or two, or three... I enjoyed my Quibblocation so much, I spent a lot more time outdoors, and with my family, and it was just amazing. So, I think I may leave again, for a ling ling ling time, lol. *Long time. Maybe a month or two, maybe longer, maybe I'll even delete, because I have to do something, because I can't spend all my time sitting around on my butt doing basically nothing... So, this is just a warning that I may be leaving again.


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