Individual Shout Outs

Chapter 2


Jayden is so wonderful and awesome, and totally my twinzie for life! She is so beautiful, and I cannot believe that she denies it, I mean, does this girl ever look in the mirror? But it's not only the outside that's pretty, her inside is too. :3 She's sweet and kind and caring, out of all my friends on Quibblo she is one of the only one's who's never offended me, and let me tell you, I've been offended a lot, haha. Jayden always does the sweetest things, I mean look at her profile... :') And then she always is telling me the sweetest things, and never has anything bad to say about anyone unless they really deserve it, lol. She is just a kindhearted, wonderful, sweet girl, and I love her to death. So send her a friend request please, she deserves a million friend's and more! TWINZIE POWER!!!

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