Weak at birth, powerful growing up.

Abi was just a normal eleven year old London school girl. She got good grades and never got into trouble. But there was one family secret that she didn't know...she had a twin sister! They had telepathy. They could read minds and each other's. They could control people's minds. They could control each other's minds. But this would prove to be dangerous....because a group of people have taken interest in the twins once they find out about each other. Will Abi be able to find her twin? too late?

Chapter 2

The Message!

Abi was startled. She saw a envelope outside her window. She opened her window and picked up the envelope. She knew she should have told her mother about it. The sharp pain came back and she groaned. It only happened once. Not twice. She used her pocketknife to open the envelope and pulled out a photo. Two babies in two pink blankets. Abi and her twin. Abi had gone with her mom and her twin had went with their dad. But what was her twin's name? She examined the picture closer. Wait! Around the babies' wrists were clear-colored bands. Abi looked even closer and found writing on them:
There was nothing more on Alli's wrist band. Abi gasped and saw there was more in the envelope. She searched through the contents and found a paper. She read it:
You have a twin, Abi. A twin sister named Alli if you didn't already know. You have powers--both of you--I wish I could have told you but there were people watching you.....a guy....a guy who bumped into you at school will come to your house....he's after you.....you must not let him capture you....the guy has people with him....they will do everything in their power to get you....get out now....don't worry about your mom....she'll be fine....
Abi looked at the letter and tears streamed down her face. She needed to get out of there now....she grabbed the letter and put it in the envelope. She grabbed the photo put it in the envelope. She put the envelope in her duffel bag and packed. An half hour later there was a smash and Abi knew it was time. She opened the window and hopped down onto the roof. She escaped past the walkway with trees on either side. The guy who had bumped into her was Riley, a trained spy, who had the mission to capture this girl Abi and bring her back to base. Riley walked out to the backyard and saw the walkway. He raced down the walkway and so did his men.

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