Weak at birth, powerful growing up.

Abi was just a normal eleven year old London school girl. She got good grades and never got into trouble. But there was one family secret that she didn't know...she had a twin sister! They had telepathy. They could read minds and each other's. They could control people's minds. They could control each other's minds. But this would prove to be dangerous....because a group of people have taken interest in the twins once they find out about each other. Will Abi be able to find her twin? too late?

Chapter 3

Captured! (almost)

Abi kept running. She knew that she was being followed. Her legs almost gave up. But she kept going. About a half-hour later she collapsed at the sudden sharp pain in the back of her mind. Riley caught up and stopped by her side. "Finally, we have you, Abigail." Riley picked her numbed body up and carried her back to the house. But what awaited them would stop Riley from taking Abi. Abi and Alli's dad had formed a group of soldiers. Riley stopped in his tracks and a tazer shot him down. Abi fell but got caught into a girl's arms. Alli. Abi closed her eyes as she was taken away. She still had the duffel bag with everything she had received. But Riley had been smart. He had given Abi a shot. The liquid inside it would go through Abi's body and up to her mind and erase all memories of Alli, her dad, her mom, her birth, the divorce, everything. Alli carried her little twin into the black van. They drove off with Abi.

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