Weak at birth, powerful growing up.

Abi was just a normal eleven year old London school girl. She got good grades and never got into trouble. But there was one family secret that she didn't know...she had a twin sister! They had telepathy. They could read minds and each other's. They could control people's minds. They could control each other's minds. But this would prove to be dangerous....because a group of people have taken interest in the twins once they find out about each other. Will Abi be able to find her twin? too late?

Chapter 7

A sacrifice!

Abi kept running. Just yesterday she had been at school. Alli had been taken. Abi had no idea what was going to happen to Alli. Meanwhile, Alli, had been being led to a cell. Riley threw her into the cell and pressed a button. A strange black gas filled the cell. When the gas disappeared, Alli was laying on the ground, knocked out. Riley smiled and lifted Alli up. He had many plans for this twin. Abi had been running. She had to keep running. For Alli's sake. But Riley needed them both. He only has one. Alli. Abi stopped and held her hand up to her head. When she removed her hand, she saw that there was blood. Alli had been hurt. Something bad had happened. There were motors approaching. Abi looked around and saw black trucks approaching. She sprinted down to a lake. A black truck was coming down to the lake now. Abi had two choices: be taken back and see her sister....or jump into the freezing water and have a slim chance of survival. She thought long and hard. She stayed put. The black truck approached. The guy inside it hopped out ans raced over to her and grabbed her. She kicked and struggled. "Hold still. You wanna see your sister, girl? Just come with me." The guy said. Abi froze. "Good. But....!" The guy took out a needle and stuck it in Abi's arm. Abi went limp and the guy smiled. "Riley has been expecting you, Abigail." The guy laid Abi down in the back seat of the black truck and drove back to base.

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