One Dance? (Dirty)

Emma and Jess haven't seen each other for a while, with classes and clubs, they haven't had the time... Until the prom afterparty that is.

Chapter 1

The Afterparty

Emma mouthed the words as the song played on the stereo, almost out of habit, moved her hand across her body while twining her feet across a small area, she moved her hands rhythmically before ducking down. She as she stands, she spots a familiar face, also mouthing the words and occasionally adding a roll of her head; apart from that, there was no outward signs she had ever heard the song before.

Using the dance stride she was taught for the dance oh, so many years ago, Emma approaches Jess. When Jess spots her old friend, she lets out a wicked grin. The two sing, circling each other in a predatory way.

"What are you doing here?" Emma asked as she continued to mouth the words,

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here? You replied 'no' to the prom invite." Jess smiled. Emma glowered in her mother's direction.

"My sister still bitches about our year. She really needs to get her priorities straight, especially when midterms are coming up." Emma smiles and Jess grins,

"Same here. Why couldn't they act decent –“ The two forget their talk whilst they dance, the moves becoming increasingly more sexual.

"You were always the better dancer." Emma pirouettes ending in a head roll.

"Not for this one." Jess curses under her breath as she misses a step, looking fearfully around for Abby, like she would in the old days, "You have such moxie."

"You were too cute. You've always been too cute." Emma's eyes glint playfully,

"Even at in the 10th Grade you had so much sex appeal!" Jess watched as Emma bent over, opening her legs wide and rolling to face the front to stand up. "You knew what you were doing and you were going to do it." Jess licks her lips as she song ends.

Pulling an iPhone from her purse, Emma flicks through the songs before resting her finger on the song they were just listening to. "You wanna find a booth?" She asks Jess, who nods. The two sit in a booth listening through Jess's earbuds to Electricity.

"Shirley Temples and Virgin Sex on the Beach." She tells a passing waiter, who brings the multi-coloured drinks. Jess bites her lip as Emma shamelessly sips on the drink in front of her; Jess sips at her Shirley Temples quietly.

The song ended and Jess looked up, "Oh, God. Kate’s looking for me. She kind of hates you. That's putting it lightly." Her mother's glowering stare revealed as much.

Emma smirked at Jess, "My sister hates you too."

"Hey, I bet our sisters wouldn't hate us if they had to like us." Jess's eyes glow with anticipation and she feels a heat rise in her gut.

"My sister would hate both of us." Emma edged towards Jess, breath quickening.

Jess's pupils dilate and she whispered, "I know."

Jess captures Emma's lips, heat moving from her chest to her groin as the song progresses through the small mechanical earbuds. The kiss deepened and Emma ran her tongue against the seam of Jess's mouth. The fruity taste of cherries and oranges left from the drink.

Emma felt a hand creep up the side of her shirt, tugging at the hem, sneaking underneath, unclipping Emma's bra as skilfully as if it were her own hand. Emma goes to match it, brushing her fingertips lightly underneath Jess's sparkly top. When it meets no obstacles, Emma smirks into the kiss, moving to suck on one of Jess's earlobes.

Jess moans softly, beginning to feel wet. She moved her hands so both are brushing against Emma's ribcage. Her hands steadily move upwards, taking in them Emma's breasts. She rubs around the nipples, pinching them, squeezing them. Emma moans, moving to kiss the tender juncture behind Jess's ear, just above her jawline.

Jess feels fingers circle one of her nipples, making it hard. A second hand dips below the waistline of her jeans.

Emma's hand is matched by Jess's who lifts Emma's miniskirt for easy access to her underwear.

"Eager, are we?" Emma chuckles and Jess nips at Emma's ear,

"I was about to ask you the same thing." Jess's fingers skim over Emma's slit, lightly probing its wetness. She finds the nub which she knows from experience can feel amazing. She lightly rubs the nub, toying with it as Emma begins to grind against Jess's hand.

Emma opens her legs wider, her own hand dipping into Jess's lace underwear. She wastes no time, pushes two fingers into her friend's wet entrance. Jess gasps, her heart pounding as Emma's thumb rubs her clit.

Jess's mouth finds Emma's again and she presses two fingers into Emma's slippery heat. The two match each other's rhythm and the rhythm,

The two speed up, Jess moved her hand from palming Emma's boobs to beside Emma's head on the sticky red plastic of the booth, straddling her friend. Her thighs stick to the material, but she moves so she is straddling Emma, pressing her into the seat.

Jess came with a screech, her wet walls convulsing around Emma's fingers. She rode out the orgasm with Emma beneath her. Emma groaned, clutching Jess's back, drawing her as close as possible. She pressed a hand to Jess's not letting her remove it from her pussi3 until the orgasm was over. Emma removed her fingers, not thinking twice before sticking them in her mouth. She slurped noisily, licking them slowly, moaning. Jess watched, smiling lazily. She presented her fingers to Emma, issuing a silent command.

Emma took Jess's fingers in her mouth, running her tongue all over the crevices, making sure to pick up every last drop of her own juice.

"We could have gotten caught." Jess says it with less fear than excitement.

"That's one of the best parts." Emma smirks at Jess from under her eyelashes.

"We have to do this again." Jess smirked, picking up her purse and fixing her jeans. She winked at Emma before getting up and leaving. Emma just smiled after her and drank her drink in the afterglow.


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