Those who rise in Earth's ruins. (Group Story)

In another day and age, where aliens and supernatural beings are common place, evil has risen. The Earth has reached a darkage, ruled by an overwhelming higher power. Many of the populous is terrified of the outside as murderers casually roam the streets. Only a small handful have the courage to take a stand.
Will you be one of them?
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Chapter 1

Julia Ray, the Apparition

I looked into the dark sky as a raindrop landed on my face. Sliding down my cheek like a cold teardrop. I looked around me, uncaring of the ruins before me.

What a hideous world.

Some buildings were caved in and I could smell the stench of rodents. As I walked out of the old alleyway, I turned left, heading in no particular direction. My eyes caught every mistake etched in the decaying frames of what once were apartments. I could still see signs of life in the windows. A doll who's eyes had fallen out and dream catcher, still sticking to a window.

I walked across some sort of court where an orange ball sat, deflated and forgotten. Near the streets, cars with blown out tires and smashed windows. This neighborhood that I was walking in, seemed so sad. So many memories lost when people ran. They headed for safety. Others were here though. Hidden somewhere in the dark shelter of these buildings.

If I found them, I knew I could help them. If only they would let me. But few of the humans trusted aliens. Let alone Uphorian which are not common knowledge on earth. Mostly due to there fearful existence.

That is why I consider myself an outcast. Because I live such a different life from my cowardly species. I stepped in puddle after puddle, enjoying the wet feeling against my bare feet. The rain was picking up. I knew I should head for some sort of shelter, but somethings pulled me forward along the road. Compelled me to keep walking.

As I walked, I could see old traffic lights, no longer in use. Nothing unusual here. Then I heard a sound. Barely anything at all. But I knew what it was. I heard it so many times before. It was a scream. A terrified scream.

It came from my left and I quickly set off at a run. Flying to the rescue would only scare whoever was in danger. I rounded a corner, and then another. Finding my way through the winding streets.

I heard the scream again, realizing it was coming from a child. A little girl, perhaps?

On the next turn, I saw her. A small child, with two others standing over her. I could make them out as a young girl and an older guy. They were looking over the girl in happy delight. At least the guy was. The girls smile seemed kind of forced.

"You see, Shadow. This is how your supposed to play with others. A rule you must remember is that, if they don't hand over the toys when you ask politely, then just take it from them. Like this" The guy took a small stuffed rabbit from the childs grasp. She began wailing harder, reaching up in an attempt to regain her toy.

The girl who I could see was wearing a skin tight one piece, black suit with boots to match, just nodded. It seemed she was just observing. But why were they just messing with a child? Not the typical crimes I see on a daily basic. They were even wearing masks. To protect there identities?

It didn't really matter that they were doing such a pointless thing. It was hateful. I just wouldn't be able to arrest them for it. If I even could in this economy. I stepped forward, in the direction of the little girl. Hovering lightly above the ground so no one could hear me. I planned on just retrieving the toy and helping to get the girl away from the bullies.

The guy was dangling the toy above the little girl. Laughing as she jumped and missed it. How pathetic was this guy? Maybe he wasn't as bad as I was making him out to be but this was just mean. I turned invisible and flew over. Of course, no one noticed me. As he held the toy out for another time, I plucked it form his hands.

He looked at his hand in surprise and then at the animal floating in front of him.

"What the...?" He just managed to get out. I smiled. Not like anyone could see it. I gave the toy to the girl, knowing all three of them were watching me.

The girl smiled and hugged the animal tightly to her chest. The guy, unfortunately, recovered from his surprise. "How did you do that?!" He said, angrily. He obviously didn't liked to be tricked.

The little girl looked back up. "Snuff off!" She shouted, sticking her tongue out. I could have almost have laughed if it wasn't so strange for a little girl to say that. She turned and headed into a building not far away. It was in good conditions.

"You little brat, I'll spank you for that!" He said, following after her. The other girl did the same. I followed, not sure what was going on. They seemed to know each other or something. I walked through the door after they had closed it, watching the child hiding behind an older women. The guy had token off his mask.

"It's not my fault, mom, she started it. Then she even screamed after she knew I would take away her little bunny. But that's not all, she even made the little rabbit move from my hand to hers. Maybe that's her power." Now things were making sense. They were all just family. Or at least related in some way. I shook my head and flew out through the door and into the air. Breathing in the scent of rain and sighing.

That was such an odd encounter. Not like I expected at all. Oh well. It didn't really matter.

That's the end of my section. Also, sorry about adding an extra character to your family, pinkyfreckles. But she can be your cousin if you don't want her as a little sister. Again, sorry if it was not what you wanted.

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