let me explain you a thing about the LGBT community ok

Chapter 1

lgbt is awesome

by: 68687
okay u ppl lemme cover a subject that has been in my mind for a while now.

If you are Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Transgender, you don't deserve any hate that you get from those who disagree with it.

If you are straight, don't even fucking talk to me about straight pride because it's bullshit.

If you are against LGBT people, let me slit your throat slowly, because love is love. You shouldn't love someone for their privates, but for their soul and personality. You shouldn't love someone for their gender, but for who they are.

I, myself, have not decided what sexual orientation I am, yet. I don't really know, but I'm most likely Bi. I think myself far to young and inexperienced with relationships to decide whether I like it up the ass or up the other, same thing.

If you are within a religion (most likely Christian) and say I respect Gay people but the Bible (or whatever book you follow, I am not an expert on all Religions) says being Gay is bad so it is a sin, you do not fucking respect them, okay? You are disrespectful to them, regardless of whatever damn dream you believe, okay?

Religion aside, no one should be discriminated for being a man and liking it up the ass or for being a woman and liking nothing except what another woman's got, or both! If you dress like a woman and you are a man and want to be considered a woman, hello girl! If you are a woman and you like to dress and be known as a man, then hello man! I don't care what damn gender you are as long as you are nice, non annoying and a good person. If Voldemort was gay my opinion on him wouldn't change because of his sexual orientation. It'd stay the same. If I had two daddies or two mommies don't say that I had a deprived childhood, while you were getting your ass beaten by your parents who didn't give two shits about you.

So it is not a sin, fault or anything bad to be part of the LGBT community. In fact, you are an awesome person for being open about it! A lot of people are scared to be open about it.

If I get anything saying that being LGBT is wrong, then I shall murder you, da? :)



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