Because I have to. ~HS Story~

I can't exactly tell you what's gonna happen next cause Im not even sure.. You'll just have to wait & see.

Chapter 2

I'm popular?

DEAR DIARY: These past few days have been interesting.

I was talking to this guy on ask and i said he was cute blah blah blah now I have his number. I told Lylah about it and she was at first like ewww then she looked at him again and she decided he was cute.

I also told Melissa (who I have a love-hate relationship with), Lizzie, and Sarah. Ha everyone thinks it's weird but I think hes cute.

I kinda hope he asks me to homecoming but at the same time like I don't bc I've never talked to his friends and he's never talked to mine so what would we do about pictures before it? Ugh I don't know but I do know this is probably getting pretty boring so yeah. Leggo.

"Mom!" I called out.
"What do you want?"
"Is Joey coming back tonight?"

I walked upstairs so I could stop yelling because lets face it, yelling across the house is not very productive.

"Aww why???"
"He's staying with his dad."

Joey is my two year old nephew. See, my sister moved out of his Dad's house and is now staying with us. He's so cute and he loves me.

"Meh. Can I play with the kittens?"

Our cat, Duck, just had kittens there's four and they're one week old and so adorable. BUZZZZZ

There went my phone. It's either Lylah, Keke, Rover (my ex), or the guy I'm talking to.

Lylah. She's freaking about the One Direction movie we're seeing Saturday. I'm EXTREMELY excited. We're driving an hour and a half to meet up with some other Directioners. BUZZ

Another one? ... 'what should I say' Yup. It's Rover. He's trying to ask this girl I'm in cheer with to Homecoming to be his date but he's nervous. At first I hoped he'd ask me, but I got over that. BUZZ

Wow I'm popular today. Its the guy. Gosh every time I think about him I get butterflies. I's nice to feel those again. IT took forever to get over my ex.

Well, time to go to bed I wonder what's in store for tomorrow?

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