Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented, Are they really so different?

Gina Masters, head journalist for the Student's Voice Newspaper, plans on answering that exact question, by becoming one of them for one week. But what first seems like an easy assignment turns into an earth-shattering discovery. These kids are not like the rest; they're different. And as she comes to know the strange kids, she finds that they might be just what she needs.

Chapter 1


by: Limes
“No. No. No. Absolutely not.”

Amelia’s slender form retreated to her desk, her head still shaking.

“Come on Am, I swear, it’ll be fascinating! And it’s not like I’m skipping school!”

“No! It doesn’t even make sense. Just...Interview them or something.”

“They don’t talk enough! If I started asking questions they’d clam up and you
know it! I swear, this is our chance.”

The Editor for The Student Voice considered me coolly, but I held my ground.
This article, this idea, was too precious for me to give up. This was our chance to understand the most elusive and mysterious group of kids on campus; the Gifted and Talented. Those silent, supposedly brilliant creatures that somehow walked the same halls as us without actually being a part of us.

“What about your classes?” She asked,

I couldn’t help the impish grin that spread across my face as I answered, knowing I had already won, “I talked to Guidance. They agreed that a week of Gifted and Talented classes couldn’t hurt. In fact, they think that I might benefit from a little time with those smarter than me.”

Her resigned sigh said it all; I had won...Again.

“Alright, but only for one week, after that you’re coming back to your regular schedule and I expect a really great article.”

“Deal!” I cried, throwing a triumphant fist in the air. “Well, I’m headed home, I’ll see you Monday.”

Turning, I practically bounced out the door, giddy with yet another success. This article was going to be worthy of the front page or my name wasn’t Gina Masters.


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