Perfection Is Possible

Perfection Is Possible

Sandra doesn't want to go on with life. She's missed two years of school thanks to her never-ending depression. Her parents, who can't take her anymore, send her off to a rather strange boarding school. She has almost no problem adapting to the new school, and each day, she improves as a person. But... At what cost?

Andrea Young feels uncomfortable in her own skin, as she's different from most 14-year-old girls. How far will she go to change that?

Chapter 3

My Conditions

by: FerSure
It was piping hot in the cramped Young residence. It was a fairly new house, decorated with the past season's ornaments and demanding a new paint. The owners of the house were well-aware of it, but they were unable to do anything about it. With so many children and so many things to do, Mr. and Mrs. Young barely had time for any house-related affairs.

While twelve-year-old Sandra experimented with matches in her room, an entirely different scene was taking place in the living room/kitchen. Lisetta Young, the alluring housewife, was torn between silencing her youngest son, Benjamin, and keeping the oldest one of the kids from commiting felony. Once she got tired of that, Lisetta Young put her left hand up to her temple, and yelled at her daughter.

"Can't you be still for five seconds?" She said,"you're fourteen, Andrea. Please, just give me peace for five seconds."

To which, the girl remained impassive. She was contemplating on her thoughts, thing she did often, and as often as she did it, she disliked it.

"Oh, and one thing:" Lisetta remembered, "can you take Benny out for a while, so he can get some air and calm down."

"Why does it have to be me?" Andrea complained, groaning. She rolled off the sofa, which gave her mother a small heart-attack, and stood up in a second, dragging her thin, childish body towards the kitchen area.

"Because soon you'll have your own children, and you'll thank me for teaching you how to deal with kids."

"Curse these infernal gender roles I am required to comply with! Why wasn't I born without a-" Andrea whined as she put on her tennis shoes on. She was cut off by her mother, before her language started turning obscene.

"Don't make a scene."

Andrea walked out the house, holding her little brother by the hand. She went by the neighbourhood, unamused, whereas the younger one was entertained by the spectacle of colours and aromas that summer brought. It was his sixth one, barely one of the first. When he finally arrived at the park, he felt the sudden urge to run away from his caretaker and live forever in the enormous castle with the purple swingset. He thought that maybe then he would be able to escape all the fights between his parents and his sisters' oddness.

"Judging from your expression, I can conclude that your heart desires to emancipate and roam through the park without restriction." Andrea said, with a smile on her face. Seeing as Benjamin would not answer, she decided to be more straightforward.

"You want to go there and mess around with the dirt." She told him. He nodded. Benjamin Young was not a person who wasted too many words, unlike his sister.

"You can do it if you promise not to tell mum that I'm going to the candy shop."

Benjamin Young nodded, once again. He was completely unaware of the plot that was cooking right behind his back.

Instead of going to a candy shop, as she had told her younger brother, Andrea Young ran faster than a professional athlete to catch the bus. She knew that her brother could tend for himself, as all Young kids, except for Sandra, were quite astute, so that was not a major problem in her mind. What she was about to face, however, was even more of a troublesome situation.

Andrea approached the Holland mansion with care: she did not want to cause a scene there, too. The house had been built generations before, and it was a white, Spanish-style mansion surrounded by rare plants brought from different parts of the world. It had big windows, and a large, rectangular pool in the backyard. The room she fancied visiting faced towards the pool, so she thought it was a good idea to sneak in through the back door.

The first thing Andrea felt was the stench. Then she saw the body.

"Gosh, you need to call when you feel like coming over, Drea!" Greg Holland said, as soon as he saw the rawboned girl walk in.

For having seen a pool of blood in her best friend's backyard, Andrea Young kept her calm. It was not her first time seeing a body in his house. She was well-aware of her friend's mental condition: he was a psychopath.

"I decided to come last minute. Couldn't phone, mum took away my cellphone." Andrea answered, in a way too simple for her. Greg knew something was off, just by hearing her speak a sentence without a single unusual word in it.

"At least you could've... Jesus, you just scared me!"

"Get over it. I'll provide help, if you fail to find a way of expelling the evidence from your dwelling."

"Fine. What do you want from me?"

"I need help, with a scholarship."

"Okay, what's your problem?"

Andrea sighed. "Well, there's only one vacant spot, currently, and two applicants. It's not like I find my education congenial, but I was kind of expelled last semester for 'uncivilized behaviour', which does not do much favour to my application. I was wondering if you could..." She told him, making a laughter-worthy pouty face in an attempt to convince him.

"Listen, Drea, I don't want to kill anyone else."

Suddenly, under the tension, Andrea Young broke. She decided to play the one card she had sworn she would never pull out. "I'll tell."

The situation got tense. With the pressure of hiding the body and all, Greg had enough stress already, and now Andrea's words came down like a bomb. It felt like a stab in the stomach, after all that he had done for her. Then he came up with a plan, one that would be beneficial for both of them.

Greg Holland looked up from the floor, as a sign that said he was done thinking. He stared right into his friend's eyes and said "I can get you a scholarship to another school."

"Promise?" Andrea asked, nervous and dubious at the same time, as if the tables had suddenly been turned, and she was the one that had to be afraid.

Knowing that Greg could easily end her whenever he pleased, Andrea decided not to push him too far. On the other hand, she was not particularly attached to her life at that precise moment, and she knew well that even though Greg could kill her, he valued her too much to go down that path.

"I promise," he replied, grinning from ear to ear, for he sensed the imminent danger that awaited Andrea Young.

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