An Enigmatic New World

Hello, and yes, I finally got around to starting this story! Really quite excited to start off my first group story, and I think my friendly authors are as well.
Please take the time to read this fun new story and leave a comment to let us all know what you think!
Happy Reading! :)

Chapter 2


A small twig broke under my hand, thankfully it didn't make too much noise. I lay on the ground covered in leaves in a ready position with my bow. The beast began to move around and go through one of the dense bushes. It seems like the beasts are getting clever. Slowly I brought myself up into a standing position, the leaves still hanging from my body making me appear as a shrub growing against a tree. The bushes shook slightly, a small pair of red eyes met mine.


In a quick motion I aimed my arrow between the eyes and shot. A loud THUMP followed shortly. I knew I had finally shot my prey, that I had stalked for an hour or so. Jumping over the bush I crossed the small clearing reaching into dense bush for a hoof. Finally I found it. A small burst of happiness ran through my body, with a swift pull the lifeless body of the beast came out into the center of the clearing. It was a beauty, dead as it may be. I ran my hand against the spiky fur of the animal, from just looking and feeling you could tell there was good meat inside.

I sat for a moment before taking out my knife and gutting the animal. Its lifeless eyes seemed to be watching me as I pulled its strange organs out. Every animal was different, what seemed like the same animal could be completely diverse from the last. Many a times one needed to experiment with meat, bones, and even the fur. The blood spread across the clearing staining the soil, I moved the guts around to make it look like another beast had killed it. I didn't need any other humans ,or beings in general, wandering around my spots.

Wrapping a thick vine around the hooves of the beast, I lifted it over my shoulder and walked away from the clearing. I could feel the plants watching me as I go past, careful not to touch any of the pedals surrounding the beautifle yet deadly flowers. Years ago I had watched my only friend die from trying to take one, as a gift to a human girl we had seen in a small field. The thorns bit him and within hours he died of a high fever and his organs eating themselves. After making him a grave, coating the outsides of it with flowers, I had walked alone since. Though I had always returned to the little hideout we had built together, it was almost like a tree house. Yet more complicated.

A horrible noise erupted in the distance, it started to get louder. I covered my ears in hope of drowning the sound, but it made no difference. Blood began to run down the side of my face, the sound kept getting louder and louder. I dropped the beast onto the ground before kneeling over clutching my head. I was sure it was about to explode. Suddenly the sound started to die, slowly I got up my hands still around my head.

I turned behind me, the shadow of a winged creature rose up into the sky. Somehow it blocked out the sun. The black scaly wings looked like they stretched on forever, covered with sharpened thorns. Most of the head was covered by a hood with various strange markings running along the sides. The torso was that of a woman, though it was completely silver with various claw marks and torn flesh dripping deep red blood everywhere across the body. Stained red legs extended with long curved claws. Large spiny hands gripped a great scythe encaging beating hearts of both beast and human, tipped with a silver point.

And we have locked eyes

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