Unlikely Friends

Chapter 1


I shoved my math books into my locker, pulled out a lunch tote, and headed to the crowded, ear-piercing, cafeteria. I searched the room for an open seat to find about ten. Most were next to loner, some by the emos, and some close to the skaters.

"Is there a reason that you're standing in the doorway?" a guy's voice said behind me. I turned around to see one of my good friends, Terrance.

"Oh, hey." I replied and moved. He dragged me to a table with a couple of our friends and one of my best friends, Flora. She smiled at me as I sat down next to her and Terrance.

"Hey Ali!" she said and I waved back. The other people also greeted me.

"Oh, yeah, Alia, you meetin' us after school at the park?" one of Terrance's friends, Markus asked.

"Oh yeah, I actually forgot abou-" I got interrupted by Flora gasping as one of the most popular guys in school smiled at her. She looked at me with excitement.

"Did you see that? He actually likes me!" she squealed.

"Flora, you don't have a chance." Terrance mumbled.

"But, maybe-" she started.

"No," I said. I heard the bell ring softly and I shot up to go to my afternoon classes.

After all classes ended, I grabbed my backpack, waved goodbye to my friends, started walking home. I watched my peers chat with their friends, jumping onto the bus to get home, but what really caught my eye was the popular clique. The way they are so perfectly perfect. Sure, it would be fun to be one of them but how? I somehow save the world? There's an one hundred percent chance that will happen.

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