Venus and Mars~A Poem

Copyright 2013

A Classic Love Story

~Done by Jade
I hope you enjoy :)
Another one of my poems
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Chapter 1

Shoot for the stars

Love.. Love..

Inside I am secretly yearning, yearning for a love so profound that even as the stars watch us from above, they can not even fathom something so deep.

Love is akin to a noose, wrapping gradually around your neck.
It steals your breath and seizes your heart, captured is all you become.

Love is tangible when the very thought of it, creeps into your inner most being as it is scripted into your dreams by some unknown, heavenly artist

Love is when you are drowning, a concept so brilliant that all others can do is watch while a surreal feeling warms every crevice

You say this kind of love does not exist?

I can not blame you, this perplexing world can make you believe anything is impossible

So let me tell you a story

How the sun loved the moon so much that, he died every night to let her breathe

We are connected to the world and everything we have ever known more then you could envisage

I could just visualize how his eyes would twinkle like stars in the darkest and most clear of nights

While they illuminate the oh so familiar path, as if I am Haley’s Comet herself

Going past all my craters that build up through out my journey to reach you

Our relationship is like the galaxy

Always being ventured into and finding something new

We could swing among the stars to see what it is like on Venus and Mars

And when our journey seems to cease, we could fuse into the constellations that is clutter the night sky

For if what we will have is true, infinity and beyond is all I will ever need with you

We could observe all the hardships love will bring

So stay, stay with me

Because without you, my days would turn as opaque as the dark side of the moon

Time will unfold the story that awaits for us

I will wait for you

Like that one face of the Earth, having to be in such darkness that it quickens its pace

Aspiring to see the warm, glowing beauty of the Sun

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