Shout Outs! (Read)

And it starts with a poem

Chapter 1

Here we go

A warmth spreads through my veins
like a fish that swims through the sea
as I finally am able to break through my chains
that have kept me from being me.

I realize I am who I am
and it doesn't matter if people give a damn,
though when times get tough
sometimes I fade and become a diamond in the rough.

You then pull me back
and take your time to fix my cracks
so I regain the strength I had once
only to become something that's not a dunce.

I know I'm not alone in this world
but at times everything seems to be hurled,
if that happens, I just step back and look
at all the people who have kept me on the hook.

You are the people who have helped me through this
so now is the time that I won't think to miss;
you have became my guided light
that helps me get through the night.

So this begins the shout outs

1. [url=]Dallas[/]: Dallas, first let me tell you this, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET ON, I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. Aside from that though, Prince Day, you are soooooooooooooooo amazing. You are one of the most wise people I have met and I look up to you at times. I respect and admire you. You are one of my best friends and for that reason you are special to me. Even though you haven't been on in awhile, I still treasure when we talked the last time and my thoughts on you could never change.

2. [url=]Senri[/]: Super Senri!!!!!!!!!! Well there is so much to you that I could go on and on Sen because you are so amazing and it's been an honor to be your friend. You are one of the most genuine, real, kind, funny, sweet and helpful guys there are. Getting one message from you is like seeing a string of hope, with you, I know everything is going to be okay because you are just that warm light that no one could ever not love :) Super Senri reflex you greatly because you are very super. :)

3. [url=]Courtney[/]: What can't I say about you? You are just a wonderful, kind, talented person! You always seem to blow my mind when I see a chapter of yours and let's not forget to mention how I love to talk to you. You always say funny and nice things that bring a smile on my face and I love having you as a friend and writing with you.

4. [url=]Rose[/]:Rose! You are one of my best friends and I know you are always there. You are so amazing that it can't even really be put into words but I'll try. You are your own person and from when we talked, you are always willing to speak your mind especially when someone hurts someone you care about. You are one of the bestest girls out there and never forget that you are awesome, because you are.

Alicen, you are beautiful, funny, and kind. I thoroughly love talking to you no matter what it's about. You are just an overall fun person and nothing will ever change with that :)

Hunter, one word to describe you would be fantastic (yes I said it) You are so funny and I love talking to you because you are like sunshine, you always seem to be shining even if everyone else is cloudy and you just rock! You listen to my useless crap and you are always there. So you are so very much fantastic.

Alex, bud, it's been a bit since we talked again, but I love talking to you and your randomness I find very entertaining. The only time we have ever fought was in our "mock" fight (which didn't last long xD) and I just love how you are always willing to give a hug and listen (even when you tell me you don't listen often, I still think you do) so you are awesome.

Maive, you are sweet, understanding, gorgeous and amazing. Your chapters for writing are always great and you always leave me wanting more. As great as a writer that you are, you are an even better friend and I wanted to thank you for always being willing to be there even if we don't talk as much anymore. I still am grateful of our friendship it and I will always remember your acts of kindness.

Isaiah, you haven't responded to my kik messages.. and you probably won't ever see this, but I wanted to say that even though we aren't as close as we used to be, I still love our friendship and never will forget you. You make me laugh, smile and I know I can be myself around you. You are just wonderful.

Wil! You are awesome sauce (by the way this message is approved by Chuck Norris, so it is legit ;) ) And oh guess what? You are taco, watermelon strawberry awesome sauce that has a hint of a secret happy ingredient and no one can ever compare to you. Ha, so I just wanted to say that you rocked and I'm thankful and blessed that we are friends.

Ashlyn, we haven't talked in the longest time! but I still remember when we would always. You are sweet, funny, awesome, spectacular, beautiful and cool! Nothing we ever talked about bored me and you just rock.

: Annabelle, you are stunning and sweet. I love it when you get on quibblo because we always have a nice, caring conversation. You are very very very sweet and so astonishing. I miss talking to you and I hope you get on soon.

: Krystal, you are gorgeous as well and so sweet. You are always there if I need a hug or if I need someone for support. I love talking to you and even though I may bore you at times, you still mean the world to me truly.

CJ, I know recently you have had a lot on your plate, and though I don't understand what you are going through, I will always be here like how you listen to me (even though I am still sorry about complaining to you) because you are an amazing person, and let's not forget talented and interesting. You are definitely one of the kind and you deserve so much good in the world.

Jayden, you are beautiful, sweet, funny, kind, and awesome. Getting a message from you, is like experiencing something amazing in the world. You are soooo special and yourself that no one should ever be rude to you because you deserve every good comment you get.

16. NATALIE! I love talking to you! like... LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to you. You are just so easy to trust and remember I will always be willing to be your punching bag because if you need it, I will always be here to help you out since you are my friend and I care. You are so stunningly amazing!

Hannah, I've said this before and I'll say it again. You are a ball of sunshine who is always shining and a blast to talk and write with! You are so superb that I can't even put to words fully!

: Esther, you are yourself and that's all that matters. You are beautiful, sweet, funny, and wonderful. Who could ask for more right? You are always there if someone needs to talk and though life is tough, you are strong and always come through.

Whisper, you are talented and kind and astonishing. You are so special and a joy to talk to. I admire your skills with writing and poetry and I am lucky that I can call you a friend.

Chrissy, you are wonderful, kind, caring and awesome! You are always there and we can talk about everything! You always make me smile and you are just great!

Honorable Mentions

And anyone who I forgot!!!!!!

Now I would like to mention the ones who deleted

and everyone else who I used to talk to

Sorry if I made anyone felt left out, that wasn't the goal, the goal was to mention people who I care about, and knowing people I probably forgot some since I'm a total knucklehead at times, don't take this personally if you didn't make it, I probably really just forgot.


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