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Chapter 1

PIE o3o

Opichanforuniverse: Senpai, your my bestest friend, along with Moko, in the whole world! Everyday I've spent by your side I've always laughed and smiled. I was truly happy. I felt at home when I was around you. When I'm away from you it felt like I piece of me was gone. Like right now, I feel so hollow inside. Your a really kind girl no matter how tough you want to be =3 I can see through your darkness dude.

Mokochan: Moko your also my bestest friend in the whole wide world. You made me smile and laugh every single day. Yes you may be a perv but your a funny perv xD just...keep being your awesome self and you'll be truly happy ^-^ you can bet on that.

MagicalTechnoLove: Person whom I have come to like you've brighten my day so many times ever since I met you. You've made me smile, even laugh. When I'm down you help me up, you say, erm... type the words I need to hear.../read/ whatever, at the right moment. I have a question, are you secretly an angel? x3

KawaiiNekoKat: Onii-chan, your amazing no matter how many times you try and deny it. Your amazing, friendly, nice, sweet and caring. I just want you to know I love you like a brother. I love talking to you! It's so much fun! hugs you your amazing and don't you ever forget that.

Green_Girl: Nee-chan, your like my sister. You make me smile, your crazy like I am, you think of me as a Neko ^~^ you accept me for who I am and what I like, unlike my mother who doesn't, when I talk to you it's like all my worries are being washed away in happiness and love. You keep on bein awesome Nee-chan!

Vintage_Peinguin: Nick, I've known you since...4th grade? I can't remeber but it's been a long time xD dude your cool and epic, just like the rest of our group but your the only one with an Afro. =3 moop

Whoatemyusername: Nano your amazing! I love you, as a friend, because almost right away you became my BFF! You make me grin my silly little grin and laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Keep on being amazing!

To the rest of you, I love you all for who you are, and don't you ever forget that. All of you brighten my day with epic comments, stories, messages, and quizzes! Thanks so much for being my friend, my family!

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