Dorks Unite

So this is for WC25. It's about a girl named Ashley Dustin, a girl who is brand new to Westchester Country Day Middle School.
The school is from Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell.

Chapter 1

Brand New

Beep beep! I groaned as my alarm clock went off. I blindly searched for the snooze button. It was my first day at Westchester Country Day Middle School. We had to move because of my dad's job. 5 minutes later, I finally mustered up enough strength to get out of my comfy, loving bed. I walked like a zombie to the bathroom and didn't really wake up till I was in the shower with the hot water pouring all over me. The door flew open. "Aaah!" I screamed and covered up my body.

"Sorry Ashley," said my brother Matt.

"Get...out," I growled. He backed away, covering his eyes.

"Much better," I said, and continued to shower. I stayed till the water got cold, then grabbed my towel and dried off. Then I changed into my jeans and a red t-shirt that I found under my bed. It looked good to me.

"Ashley! Get your breakfast! The bus will be here soon!" yelled my mom.

"Coming!" I ran down the stairs, right into my mom. "Sorry."

"Eat." I walked to the table and finished my eggs and bacon in less than 2 minutes, then brushed my teeth, totally skipping my floss. I saw a flash of yellow and I was out the door in less than a second, shoeless. The bus skidded to a stop just as I got to the bus stop, totally covering me in mud from the road. Ew.

"Oh man!" I exclaimed. The doors opened.

"Yeh gettin' on?" asked the bus driver.

"Yeah," I said. I got on the bus, and a bunch of kids started snickering. There was only one open seat, in the middle. "Can I sit here?" I asked.

"Yeah," replied the girl. "So what's your name?" she asked, once I sat down.

"Ashley. Ashley Dustin," I said, desperately trying to wipe of the mud. "And you are...?"

"Nikki Maxwell," she said.

"Hey Nikki, do you have any extra shoes?" I asked.

"Uh, no, sorry," she said, looking really sorry. So I sat there, muddy and shoeless. My first day was not going well so far.

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