Move. .

Just Move. .

Chapter 1

Move. .

by: Weirrddo

Saturday night and I'm sittin' on my bed thinkin', how did life become this?. . Yesterday, would I have thought this would have happened?. . Tears fall from my eyes as I now lay down drownin' in my past. . "What was I thinkin'? Why did this happen to me?". . Questions upon questions. . And then I just wish there was some kind of control that could take me back in time. .
Mistakes are what make us who we are. . I think of everythin' that has happened to me and I tell myself, it's just a journey, a story, a movie. . I mean, what is a movie without drama right?. . These sad times are just the little drama that spice up the story. . But hey, it all ends somtime later. . Sorrow doesn't last forever...Well, unless you want it to. .And this isn't personal. . Everbody has their own drama, so don't feel like the world hates you. . When you start to feel that way, life doesn't get better. . Life is a school. . We learn here. . It will hurt you till you learn. .The faster you learn, the better for you. .
Stop feelin' so much pity for yourself. .Don’t be pathetic. .Stop rememberin' your past and the mistakes you have made. .What makes you think if that didn’t happen, somethin' better would have?. . You should get that if one sorrow doesn’t show up, another will. .It is life, it just has to happen. .So if somethin' bad has happened to you, don’t get too upset. .Always remember that if it wasn’t this, it’d have been that. .My mum always says “thin's without remedy should be without regard”. .The past has happened, stop worrying about it because you cannot change it. .Face the present so that when it’ll become the past, you won’t have to worry about it. .Really, I know it’s a cliché and you probably might have heard it a million times but still I’ll say it. .Mistakes are to help us build ourselves and be better. .Yes, it is a cliché but it is true. .
Don’t give up on somethin' because it hasn’t been working out well for you. ."I’ve been trying to get sponsors for sometime now but still no one. I give up”, they complain, “I’ve been failin', I’m such a dummy, I give up”, they complain, “I fell in love, they broke my heart, I’m never gonna love again, I give up”, they complain. .Don't you know life is hard?. . What are you expectin'?, for everythin' to come to you on a platter of gold?. .Don’t you want to know what is gonna happen next?. .Don’t you want to struggle and one day make it and know how it feels to be successful?. .And don’t you know that in a way, failure is a kind of success. .I failed a test one day. .That was around when I first resumed ABUAD. .I was so sad. .But I had a friend who was with me then and I told him. .And what he said stuck with me. .He said, “failure is only meant to motivate you”. .Which is true. .Don’t you want to finally find that truelove?. .And by the way, “you’re never gonna love again”?, yeah right!. .You can’t actually decide that. .Love kind of has a mind of it’s own. .It can decide to shoot cupid at whoever it likes.
Madea said somethin' . .People pray, Father Lord, send me my desire. .It’s like the case of a navigation system. .The satellite knows where you are and where you are tryin' to get to. .But what it doesn’t tell you is if there will be traffic or you may have an accident. .Same for prayers, you ask God to send you what you want. .He has answered my dear. .You just have to wait for it because God won’t just send it down immediately. .You have to go through somethin's that will prepare you for when you finally get there. .It may take months, maybe years, but be patient. .Your faith in God won’t let you give up. .So do you really have faith?. .”. . It's a prayer that should be supported with strong faith. . Because true faith will be your strength to endure. . "God send me a good partner”, you say. .You meet someone, they are a mess. .Meet another and they aren’t any better. .And because of this you stop tryin'?. .Trust me, you don’t wanna be the grumpy old lonely lady or old lonely man with no partner and hates children and lives with over a billion cats living next door. .No you don’t want that. .
Have you ever thought that that’s just the journey?. .Yes, almost nothin' good comes easy like I have said. .It takes goin' through the wrong people for you to actually know the worth of a good one. .You may not appreciate up unless you have really been down. .Sometimes too, we already have it but we just don't see it. . But before we realise this, we've lost what we had and we think life sucks. . But no matter what, don’t give it up, keep goin'. .No matter the case, you will get there or back there. .It’s hard, I know. .EVERYONE KNOWS. .But THE HECK!, life is hard, deal with it. .But it will be well with God. .God will show you in a way that you will know He is the one. .Never let pride get in the way, be careful of that. . Infact, runaway from it. .When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom. .Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. .Pride has nothin' good to offer. . There is always a time in life we have to stoop so low and take off those shoulder pads. .The earlier you accept this, the better. .
You want to do somethin' so bad, but thin's aren’t workin' out and you’re scared to let people know. .You’ll feel so ashamed and like a no one. .Psst!. .Oh please!. .Let me tell you somethin', we all have our baggage. .No one’s life is perfect. .Just never think you are the only one goin' through stuff because we all are. .People let you see what they want you to see. .No matter how someone seems so perfect, they are not. .There’s nothin' you are goin' through that someone else hasn’t gone through. .Please, do what you have to do to be happy, forget people. .Just make sure you are doin' the right thing. .Asides going to Heaven, happiness is our ultimate goal. .If you have nothin' and you are happy, then all is well. .But if you have everythin' and sad, then it matters. .Then there’s a problem. .Happiness is just bein' satisfied with what you have.
Lastly, the reason why many of us human bein's aren’t progressin' is because we can’t let go. .It’s hard to let go. .Have you let your past go?. .Have you?. .Have you really?. .Are you waitin' for somethin' to happen or will you get your butt up and make somethin' happen?. .Will you?. .Will you really?. .Well as Madea said, I will say, I have one word for everyone, MOVE. .



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