Like A Geek: A Book of Jokes and Parodies

I have been known to come up with the occasional joke or two. Feel free to use these if you'd like. I'd prefer you give me credit for them, but as long as you don't claim them as your own, I'm okay with it. I do use jokes I got from other people on occasion, but I always try to give credit.

(Inb4 you ask about the fifth joke, I'm actually straight, but just had to make the joke.)

Chapter 1

Some Jokes, or How to Not Have Friends

For some reason when you walk into the club like "Hey, whattup, my fav Doctor is Christopher Eccleston, how about you?" everyone runs screaming. Not sure if it's because of the Doctor in question, or just the Doctor Who reference in general, but either way it's rude.
Quoth my grandpa: "What? Did you say something? Speak up! I forgot my hearing aid!"
A text from a music lover: I would Blink 180 love 2 go w/ u, but I gotta All-American Reject ur invite.
If you have a one-track mind, then wouldn't your train of thought be more of a monorail of thought?

(A/N: Tried this one out on Facebook. Somehow my dad turned it into a conversation about ponies.)
I find it interesting that my dad is always worried about whether or not there will be boys at social events I go to, but he never worries about girls being there...
A/N: I have run out of inspiration for this chapter, so goodbye! No, seriously, rate this even though my jokes are lame, comment, and then LEAVE. Or show all your friends. That's cool too.

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