If you'd like to know... Please Read.

Just a silly rant of how I feel.
It's not as bad as everyone elses lives and trials, but I feel like talking, or writing, about it...

Chapter 1

It'll Pass.

by: Cozy_Glow
I'm not feeling all that supported with school... : (

I travel by bus to another High school to do Drama and Japanese. In Japanese, I'm neglectated by the teacher and the other Yr 12 student. I was not taught the same things as these guys and they expect a bloody miracle from me!

In Drama, it's okay on normal days, but during our Trial Night, after I went outside, the class locked me outside. Burty, the teacher, exited as I went to go in, and they made sure I couldn't enter. While I waited outside, they loudly spoke of how I was to perform and who I sit with: 'She sits funny. She talks like an American. She lets little kids sit next to her on the bus.'
I tried to ignore it, but it simply got worse. They noticed I was outside and let me in for a group picture. As if! 2 pictures were taken and the 2nd one didn't have me in it. I assumed the best of Mel (one of the students), but I was wrong: She posted a picture of the groups on FB (minus me) and said: "Couldn't have done it without these guys!" What crap.
The next day, my friends notify me of this and confirm what I tried to ignore. It hurt. For payback the whole night and beyond, I let them die in tension I made~
I hate Blake and Vick (2 of my group members), because they're so up themselves and mean. For Trial Night and our HSC Performance they wouldn't let me be me. I couldn't speak out of line, but they could act like a bunch of dumbsh-ts.

To somewhatly good news, our HSC Performance was rather funny! Here is why:

The HSC Performance is to be flawless and clear, not so for Emma (a short girl in my group): We got into our cube/box shape and she is meant to say "We become it", instead she said "We can over-- ah, fvck me!" to 3 pro judges!!!! XD
I had to help her remember her lines~ And that's my reward for being nice: Getting picked at for being a good person.

Thanks for reading...


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