When Hell Is Full (New Solo Story)

When Hell Is Full (New Solo Story)

Anna Robinson ~ (NovemberAnonymous) Her Wattpad account: http://www.wattpad.com/user/OnyAnonymous

James Calrton ~ (That's me! http://www.quibblo.com/user/AwesomeOK1) P.S I wasn't going to reveal James' surname in the original story until much later, but given the circumstances...

Rain A.K.A Carolina Rene Broud ~ http://www.quibblo.com/user/bored_chic1002

Lyra Daniels ~ http://www.quibblo.com/user/PoetryGirl_16

Disclaimer: I do not own all the characters.

Chapter 1


Hello everybody. A while back, I was in this great group story called When Hell is Full. The story, set in the future, was about a group of survivors trying to find a cure for a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The group story was going great, it had many talented authors and everything seemed to go well.


One author after another left the group story, until eventually, the main author, NovemberAnonymous (TheStrangeOne) deleted her own profile. It was totally cool with me, but I was thinking; I really loved that story and wanted to continue it.

So I asked NovemberAnonymous (on her Wattpad account) for permission to continue the story and she gave it to me. Here's how it works now.

When Hell is Full is now a SOLO story. I'll be copying and pasting the 39 chapters that the story had before NovemberAnonymous deleted. After that, I'll continue the story on my own, but only from my own character's POV (unless I feel the need to switch POVs for story's sake).

I've included links to some of the authors who worked on the story with me, because I can't take all the credit. I will also be editing this story by deleting some bad/unnecessary chapters, correcting grammar and editing a few plot-holes here and there (a whole week's worth of editing).

My main goal is to help the legacy of When Hell Is Full live on to even bigger and better heights than before!

The story continues in the next chapter. I'll add an Author's Note once I have finished copying and pasting the remaining chapters of the original story to let you know where When Hell is Full had been before NovemberAnonymous deleted to help you readers get up to date with it. :)

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