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Chapter 1


Forget everything you thought you knew about vampires. Bram Stoker only got some of it right, and that's the worst part of us. Yes we drink human blood. Or I drink human blood. I've only known one other like me and he perished in the early 1900's and that was really brutal.
You're probably wondering why I'm coming forth know, what's so special about vampires after the Twilight Saga, but that was a joke. Anything that glitters in the sun is a real piece of work. I just can't stand it any longer. So here I am to tell you my story.
I was born Ember Linwood, but now I go by Amber Williams. It's common enough that it doesn't draw attention. I was just a normal girl, daughter of a baker, he made the most wonderful breads and pastries. I would assist my father in his shop, learning the recipes and delivering orders to those who were unable to make the journey themselves. I enjoyed what I did, even though it drew unwanted attention after I turned 13. I was becoming a lady and in that day, ladies were married quickly. I was just pretty enough that the older men that my father drank and gambled with had their disturbing eyes on me. My father was given many offers, but my mother always discouraged him, so that the offers were never good enough for his only daughter.
When my mother passed away in 1901 of smallpox, I felt so alone, the one person who wanted what was best for me was gone and I was left with my father. He gave into the blacksmith and within a couple of weeks I was preparing for my wedding day. But I knew I would never be happy, not with this man, who beat weapons and horseshoes all day. If only I could run away and never have to worry about this life of misery again.
Although wishing was nice, my conversations with the seamstress's son were always good escapes. He talked about everything like he lived in a different more colorful world. Without realizing it, I had made my mind up to run away with Thomas, he was so wonderful and the night before my wedding, we ran, while my fiance was getting drunk at his bachelor party. We literally ran, with one bag each, for all our talks had us falling in love and I couldn't stand of marrying a man when my heart belonged to another. We got on a ship and traveled to the new world.
We were stowaways and hid in the storage room, sneaking food throughout the trip overseas. We shared our first kiss one night. It was wonderful and exciting. I was glad to be with him, even if we were hungry.
One night I was up in the kitchen, grabbing some food, when a rough voice made me turn around. There was a tall older man standing there, I remember feeling like I would pass out from fear.
"What do you think you're doing, young lady?"
"I'm sorry sir, I'm just hungry."
"How can you be so hungry with the meals the cooks prepare?"
"I give my meals to my friend."
"Is your friend a stowaway?"
"Yes sir, but she's not going to last very long."
"How about your friend comes up here and I can put her to work in the kitchens and she can feed herself that way."
"Yes sir."
"Well, go fetch her then."
"I can't."
"Is that because you are the miscreant?"
"I'm sorry for lying sir, but I didn't want to be in trouble."
"You will start by washing all of those dishes over there, I want to see them shine."
"Yes, sir," I answered, putting the food back and going over the basin to start washing the dishes.
"When you are finished, find the captains quarters, I shall speak more to you there."
"Yes, sir."
He walked out of the room and for the first time since I ran away did I feel sick. How could I have jeopardized Thomas. I couldn't let the captain know about him, but I had to sneak food down to him somehow. I would do it as soon as these dishes were done, he would just have to stay down there.
I washed them as fast as I could, scrubbing to get the gunk out, I wonder if the dishes were left here on purpose, so that the captain could find out who had been taking the food and to put that person to work. When I had finished, I washed my hands and grabbed some foods and ran back to our room. I slipped in and out, Thomas had been sleeping, I left him like that.
I slowly walked up to where the captain's quarters had to be, passing so many rooms and climbing many stairs. I reached the deck and smelled the salty air. It was actually kind of pleasant after spending so much time down below.
I knocked on the only door I could find and waited. After a little bit of time passed the door slowly opened and I walked inside.
"I finished the dishes Captain."
"Good, now tell me why you are stowing away on my ship."
"I had to leave my family and this was the only thing that could get me far enough away."
"Why did you have to get away from them?"
"I was betrothed to a monster of a man and I couldn't marry him, I knew my father wouldn't understand, so I just ran."
"I see, so, where have you been sleeping?"
"I've been sleeping in multiple places, I didn't want to get caught, so I thought that was the best way to avoid it."
"What can you do to keep your place here on this ship?"
"My father was the baker in my little town, I learned many of his recipes."
"Then you will work in the kitchens. If I am not pleased, I will find another place for you. Now, go find an empty room, there are a couple on the lowest level, that is where all of the workers reside. Go now."
"Yes, sir, and thank you."
After a couple of months the captain called me back to his quarters. He was very pleased with my work and wanted to talk.
"Thank you sir."
"We will be docking soon and I want to give you a gift."
"What kind of gift, sir? Surely I do not deserve it."
"Actually, I think it is really befitting of you. It was the same gift bestowed upon me when my wife was killed."
"My goodness, I am so sorry to hear that sir," My heart beat sped up, thinking that Thomas was in danger.
"My wife was a beautiful woman, I loved her very much. The night she was murdered, I was attacked by bats, it was strange that I survived such blood loss, but I did. I've been around a lot longer than you would think. In your opinion, how old do I look to you?"
"To be perfectly honest sir," I go by my instincts," you look like you've just turned 40 sir."
"I did, about 100 years ago, Ember."
My eyes widen in surprise and I can't believe it.
"How is this possible sir?"
"I am a monster, or at least that's what you've heard about my species. Its all something we spread so everyone will be afraid and not come looking for us."
"Monster? How could someone as nice as you be a monster?"
"I'm not, but I need you to sit down and listen, no matter what I say, I need you to be here."
"Yes, sir," I sit on a wooden chest along the wall and breath as evenly as possible, knowing whatever he says next could affect my life and Thomas'.
"I'm a vampire."
I sit there, about to laugh, "vampires don't exist, that's just a myth."
"Would you like to become one?"
"How could I ever be a vampire, when they don't exist, you didn't eat any raw dough did you, captain?"
"Ember, you must listen to me, vampires do exist, but there's only one way I can prove it and that is to turn you."
"How are you going to do that?"
"First, I will bite you, can you hand me your wrist?"
"What? Why do you want to bite me? How is that going to prove vampires exist?"
"Can you just put your faith into my hands? You deserve this wonderful gift. Please let me give it to you."
"Okay," I don't know what made me decide to help him, but I did, and now I live forever, " here bite my wrist."
This whole thing was so weird, how could vampires exist? Maybe he was sick and delusional and seeing as I never get sick, I guess I would have been fine if he was. After he bit my wrist and drew blood, I went back to my room and went to bed after wrapping my wound up.
When I woke up, Thomas was still sleeping. I unwrapped my wrist, but there was not a mark nor blood smear. Maybe I had dreamed the whole thing. I head to the kitchen and start on baking the bread. I walked back to my room with a fresh roll and some fruits for Thomas.
"Good, you're up, I've brought something for you to eat."
"Thank you, Ember. What happened to you last night?"
"I was up late washing dishes."
"Oh, okay, how much longer do you think we will be at sea?"
"At least another week, then we'll be free in the new world," I smiled.
There was a knock at the door, Thomas slid under the bed with the food. He was really good at hiding now. I opened the door and the first mate was standing there.
"The captain wishes to see you," he says.
"Yes, sir."
I followed him back on deck and to the Captain's quarters. I knocked on the door and he answered. I let myself in and walked to the chest. How did I know where it was?
"Its good to see that you are up and about."
"Thank you, I made some fresh rolls this morning if you would like some."
"Not currently, there is something else I want."
"What is that, sir?"
"I want you to come back tonight after you are done with the dishes, for now, please go and enjoy you're lunch."
"Yes, sir."
I walk out of the room, shutting the door behind me. A question in the back of my mind was bugging me, like why was his room so dark in the daylight? But I remember shaking it away. I went back to the kitchen and ate some of the stored fruits we had gotten out. I also ate one of my delicious rolls.
After lunch I got to work on those dishes so I would have less to wash later that night. When I met the captain again he asked to bite me once more. This time on the other wrist and he drank some of my blood. He dismissed me and once again I wrapped my wound.
How could I be so calm about this. Especially the fact that he was turning me into a monster, but I was willing for this to happen. How could I want to leave Thomas, the man I loved, or did I? Maybe I didn't love him, but the idea of running away.
Maybe that was the answer, this was the first time I'd ever been away from home and even though I was working in the kitchen of the ship, I'd never been happier. Thinking I was in love with Thomas just was a curtain to keep my feelings suppressed. I felt a pain in my chest, it was a physical manifestation of the sadness I felt towards never seeing my father again.
I went to a different room tonight. I didn't want to see Thomas until after I had figured out all of my feelings. I went to sleep hours after lying in bed, my thoughts kept me up. When I woke the next morning everything was clear. I didn't love Thomas, but I couldn't tell him until after we docked and I could run away from him. I wanted him to be happy with a woman he wanted to be with, for I was sure that he wasn't truly in love with me either.
I returned to my duties as a baker in the kitchen, baking cookies with the ingredients that I had at my disposal. I sampled the dough and found it exactly as I expected it to taste. I enjoyed baking so much and tasting the products was always a bonus. I got a plate together of fresh cookies and a roll from yesterday and added some canned peaches and a piece of beef jerky for the captain to eat.
As I walked to his room, I felt the sun shining down on me. I balanced the plate in one hand as I knocked and entered his room. I set the dish down on his desk.
"What have you brought for me to enjoy this fine day?"
"I've brought some really fresh cookies and some leftover's from yesterday."
"It's good to see you out and about today, are you enjoying the last of the journey and the sea air?"
"I am, how long will it be till we dock in the new world?"
"Shant be long, a couple of days at the most."
I look down at the floor," that's good."
"What's wrong, Ember?"
"I am dreading some news I must deliver to a very good friend of mine."
"What news is this?"
"I'm sorry Captain, I don't feel comfortable discussing this."
"Very well, tonight shall be the last night you need to visit my room, but feel free to find me whenever you want to."
"Yes, sir, I will keep that in mind."
I didn't want to come back here tonight, but what would happen if I didn't. I left his room and went back down to where Thomas was hiding. I slipped in and found him awake and lying on the bed.
"What happened to you, my dear, I was so worried when you didn't come in."
"I'm sorry for worrying you, Thomas, but I was so busy that I stayed up all night," I pulled some cookies and jerky out of my pocket and handed it to
Thomas," I brought this for you."
"Thank you, my sweet. May I have a kiss before I eat."
"Not know, I'm sorry, but I must return to the kitchen."
"I don't like this captain, he's always keeping you so busy. At least we will be docking soon and we won't have to worry about him."
"But what will we do after we land, we have no money or food of our own. We will need to search for work and no one will hire me."
"Don't worry, we will figure it out when the time comes. For now, go ahead and return to your work and I will enjoy the delicious food you've brought me."
"Yes, Thomas, I will see you again later."
I exited the room that night for the last time. I made my way back to the poop deck and breathed in the salty air. I relaxed there for a while, then returned to the kitchen to help with supper. After everyone had been served and someone else was washing the dishes, I took the captain a big plate and carried a smaller one for myself.
"Come in," he called from inside his cabin.
I opened the door as best as I could holding two plates and then used my foot to close it. I set his plate down and then sat on the chest and started eating mine.
"Its good to see you eat, and I think that's the best idea. Tonight I will finish the transformation, so you should feel full and happy."
"So after tonight I will be a vampire."
"What happens if I don't want to do this tonight?"
"Think of the vampires you hear of in stories and tales. You may become one of those, but they don't last long, or you may just die. If you partake in tonight's activities, then you will become like me."
"What does that entail exactly?"
"You will stop aging, you will be stronger and faster than a normal person, your sense will be enhanced and you will live forever."
"I will?"
"Yes, nothing can kill you, nothing at all. And when you drink human blood, you can blend in as a human. Enjoying the rays of the sun and a heartbeat, although it won't be beating after tonight. And if you have any one on board that you cherish, stay away from them, so soon after your transformation would be deadly for them, because you won't be in complete control of your body. So tonight, we will be doing this in your room."
"Yes, sir," I say as I am finishing my last piece of fruit.
He starts eating his food, but does not finish it, " here, I need you to eat the rest of this plate also, if I eat too much, I will not be able to finish the transformation otherwise."
"Yes, sir," I get up and grab his plate as well and devoured the remaining goodness, "will I not be able to eat regular food?"
"As long as you are drinking human blood, you will be, but if you start on another species, there's no guarantee."
"Good, do I have to kill everyone I drink from?"
"Not at all, in fact, if you choose to do so, you may pick one human or more to continuously feed on and if they are willing, then they will live as long as you feed on them."
My expression became one of surprise, " will they stay young too?"
"Yes, they will stay young, but be warned, do not try to turn them, it will kill them."
I finished everything on the plates, " okay, I think I'm ready now."
"Then lead the way to your quarters."
"Yes, sir," I took the lead and we went below deck several floors before finding the second room. I opened the door and he followed me in.
"Go ahead and lay on your bed, then expose your wrist and neck for me, please."
I did as instructed. I waited for him to bite me on the wrist again, but he was kneeling at the bedside. He moved some stray hairs away from my neck and moved my shirt further down my arm.
"I am going to be drinking from your neck, where the blood pulses, richly, then after I have drained you of most of your blood, I will bite you on the wrist, injecting my saliva into your wound. Are you ready?"
"Yes, sir, I am ready."
I felt his teeth sink into my flesh and a small cry of pain left my lips. The rest made me drowsier and drowsier until I fell unconscious. I don't remember what happened after that, but the next time I awoke, it was the night before we were supposed to dock. I sat up without wanting, I didn't want to move, I just wanted to lay there. I felt weird, like my body was too light and I would start floating in the air if I didn't concentrate on something heavy, like the ship. My body started to rise off the bed, but a strong hand forced me back down. I couldn't yet open my mouth to ask what was going on, but slowly memories flooded back into my mind. I was remembering everything since the day I was born, but it only included things revolving around my life. Now I remembered why I was in this position and what the Captain had said about not being able to control myself. He must be the one holding me down.
My eyes adjusted to the darkness so it was like it was daytime in my cabin. I wondered what Thomas was doing now, and how I knew I had been out for days. It was almost as if there was a clock inside my head. Finally I am able to move my arms myself and I am slowly taking my body back over. I still feel light and and my throat is dry and scratchy.
"How long til I can get up?"
"Soon, you're already moving and talking, which is a great sign."
He is right and within seconds I am able to stand on my own.
"I am going to find you someone to taste, if you are ready?"
"I am completely ready."
He is gone and back within a half hour and enters my room with Thomas, I don't feel anything, not surprise, not horror and certainly not love. I reach out and pull his confused and terrified face toward me. I kiss him on the lips, feeling him relax in my arms and then I dig my teeth into his neck and feel the hot, pulsing, sweet, metallic blood pour into my mouth. I am draining him so quickly, without a second thought, he is growing colder and paler and with every swallow my throat becomes moist and normal and I feel more normal. But when I feel the blood trickling to a stop, I push him away.
His body falls to the floor, he is dead and I killed him. The realization that I took someone's life and it was my Thomas is heart-wrenching. I feel tears pour down my face and my heart is beating crazily, almost painful.
"Don't cry, sweet Ember, his death was not in vain and you will be fine."
"He was my friend and I just killed him. How will I be fine?"
"Get up and follow me."
"Why? Why should I do anything you say?"
"Because I created you and that means you have to. Now pick up the boy and follow me."
Without wanting to, I hefted the light weight of Thomas over my shoulder, like a sack of potatoes, and followed my maker up the several flights of stairs. It was easier than it should have been. When we reached the railing we both stopped.
"Throw him over."
I didn't want to, but my body obeyed his words. Tears were still falling down my face. I watched his lifeless form fall into the ocean below. It was still nighttime.
"Stop crying, you can morn when you are on dry land, but for now, I need you to bake some fresh bread for tomorrow and I want you to try to eat regular food."
"Why did you choose him for my first feeding? And why didn't I feel anything towards him when I killed him?"
"You're a vampire now, you won't have feelings until you drink human blood, its otherwise impossible and I choose him because he was he didn't pay to be on this ship. Why does he get to go free?"
"You are much crueler than I remember, why did you choose to turn me?"
"I couldn't resist such a young beauty, you remind me off my wife when she was young and I wanted you around forever. To be my mate."
"Never, when we get to land, I'm off this ship."
"That's what you think, but I'm your creator, you can not ignore a single thing I say."
"That's where you're wrong."
"What makes you think that?"
"I can feel it. Just as I can sense the correct areas I would have to attack to kill you."
"I'm a vampire, I can not die."
"You are incorrect, Captain, and if you try anything, I will kill you."
"You brat! I give you immortality and you think you are going to kill me?"
"Remember, we've both drank blood, making us more human."
"Go to the kitchen. Now!"
"I will, but I will also be getting off this ship tomorrow," I run to the kitchen faster than I thought possible, starting my bread recipe.

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