Fatal attractions

So I wrote this story because my best friend had a story about these too people meeting than, the girl figures out who the guy really is than it all goes down hill from there.She challenged me too a story war so CHALLENG ACCEPTED. So im going to top that story right now. This story might have some SELECTIVE LANGUAGE!

Chapter 1

Meeting Him

by: FanPerson
I woke up to my alarm buzzing and my tv on some show I didnt recognize. I got dress in a hurry because it was 6:30 and I needed to be at school by 7:30. I had to walk which took fifteen minutes, and geting ready took thirty minutes but I had half the time today. I threw on some jeans and t-shirt. I combed my hair and put it in a messy bun. I rushed down stairs and got a pear.
"Goodmorning dear, you know if you dont hurry your going to be late." My mom chimed when walked pass her
"I know mom, I woke up late. Ill be home later today to study for a really inportant test with Shery. Ill be back about 9:00, is that ok?"
"As long as you have straight A's, me and your dad are ok with it."
"Ok love u, got to go."
"Love you too."
I grabbed my phone and my backpack and put my ear phones in my ear and headed to school. When I got to school, I saw my usual group of friends Shery, Kim, Mary, Jc, and Denalla. But before I could get to them they the bell rung and the spilt apart. My day was like any other day but all I could think about is our huge chemistry test coming up. If I failed my grade in chemistry would go down and I wouldn't get a car for this Jr year. My parents made a deal if I get all A's from freshman year to the first semester of Jr year I get a car. So from freshman to sophomore year I stressed about grades a lot. Before I knew it was the end of the school day.
I ment Shery in the front of the school were we always ment and we went to the library together.
We studied for hours and we stoped sometimes to gossip. It was finnaly 8:45 and we walked out together.
"I cant walk home with you tonight, my mom gets home a 9:00 today she dosnt know im out, so have to rush home, bye. Shery rushed her words
"Bye, see you tommorow." I said disappointed.
And walked outside, then.looked to the left and there he was Jhonny Chaste leaning against his car talking to his friends. The badass of the school. Every girl had a crush on him including me. He was a dangerous boy he has rumours about him, very bad rumours that make you not even want to glance at him but there was something different about him. He was a huge flirt with girls and He was the cutest and hottest boy in the high school, I didnt realize I was staring until he ment my gaze and smiled. And there I was not glancing but staring at him. That made my heart skip a beat the walked away starting at the ground. Shery was already down the street I.wanted to run to her but she was to far and it was to late. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around and it was him. His hair was perfectly dark brown hair swooped to the right, his eyes was the light brown and he smelled like fresh soap. I immediately got nerves
"Hey, babe. Saw u staring, I just wanted to catch your name you already know my name" Jhonny stared into my eyes
" Never saw you around," I lied"imDiana" I was so nerves but brave
"Never heard of me, ehh, im Jhonny, Jhonny Chaste. I noticed you today walking here ill give you a ride tommorow at 7:40."
"No thank you, but thanks."
"See you tommorow at 7:40 then babe. He walked away before I could protest
That morning I woke up at at 6:00 but on a white skirt and a tan tank top. I put on make up and went down stairs to have a proper breakfast. A few minutes later I heard a horn hunk outside and it completely sliped my mind that Jhonny was taking me to school. I walked out the door and locked the front door. And similed a Jhonny to greet him.
"Hey beautiful. " His voice was smooth and music too my ears. He opened my door snd I hopped in side. Despite the fact I really didnt know Jhonny I seemed safe in his car.
"Why did you pick me up, even thouh I rejected your offer?" I asked, his expression became hard than smiled agian
"Because I always pass you walking to school and I thought it would be a nice and helpful thing to do." He smiled at me we drove in silence as I stared out the window
We were in the school parking lot, than I realized what will my friends think if I came out of Jhonny Chaste's car. All my friends were not as crazy about him as I was.

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